How much does it cost to go to New Zealand

What makes New Zealand famous are undoubtedly its enchanted landscapes, among the most beautiful in the world. Mountains, lakes, green expanses and stretches of coast of breathtaking beauty. Even those who have not visited New Zealand will have already seen some of its scenarios in the film “The Lord of the Rings” which has managed to best represent the magical atmosphere of these places.

New Zealand is also the favorite destination for sportsmen and lovers of outdoor activities: in this beautiful setting you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, rafting, climbing, horseback riding and bungee jumping, which was born right here.
For rugby fans, there is no better place than New Zealand, the cradle of this sport: how can you miss the chance to watch an All Blacks match live?

And after all this movement, you can relax in one of the many pubs and restaurants in Auckland or Christchurch and indulge in cultural visits.
Having always been a popular destination for backpackers and adventurous young people, New Zealand offers many alternatives in terms of budget too, and it is possible to have a great vacation without running out of bank account.

The flights:

Flights to New Zealand cost around $ 1,000-1,400, but the price can vary depending on the number of stopovers and the season in which you travel. Keep in mind that the seasons in New Zealand are reversed compared to Europe, so traveling before or after the high season can save you a lot. Also try to book early, by consulting various websites and search engines and keeping an eye on the offers of the main airline companies, such as Qantas and Air New Zealand.


Hostels in New Zealand offer clean rooms, an excellent location and affordable options: a bed in a shared room starts at NZ $ 20 per night and goes up to 50 dollars for a private room with shared bathroom. Slightly more expensive are the hotels in which the price of a double room starts at around 60 New Zealand dollars in the cheaper hotels but also reaches 200 dollars in the higher category ones. Obviously, the price also affects the location: in tourist areas and cities the prices are higher than in other areas. For those who want to take a tour of New Zealand by car or camper there are various campsites scattered throughout the country where the price is only $ 15 per night.

For those who prefer the tranquility and comfort of a rented apartment, there are many solutions at various prices on sites such as Air BnB and the like, where there are often entire apartments for only 40 New Zealand dollars per night: a great deal if you are in a group or family.

If you want to stay at no cost, you can take advantage of sites like Couch surfing where you can find hospitality with a local family, in some cases in exchange for simple housework.

Food and alcohol:

The cost of living is high in New Zealand and even basic commodities such as milk and bread are more expensive than our standards, but you will certainly save money by shopping rather than going to a restaurant for dinner, where a meal can cost around 35- 40 dollars. If, on the other hand, you decide to cook in an apartment, hostel or camper, you can consider a cost of around 70-75 dollars per week. Then there are also economic solutions, such as fast food where a menu costs between 7 and 15 dollars or some sandwich shops where a sandwich costs 8 New Zealand dollars.

As for water, tap water in New Zealand is drinkable and good, so you can avoid buying bottled water.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is quite expensive: a draft beer costs between 5 and 7 dollars in the bar of a hostel, but in a pub it can easily reach 9 dollars , while a drink costs between 7 and 10 dollars (4-6 dollars approximately); if you want you can save money by buying drinks at the supermarket. Planning for Australia Click Here


Getting around the country is very cheap and there are various alternatives: tourist buses offer discounted passes or promotional tickets even at the price of 1 dollar for those who buy much in advance, but alternatively you can also opt for car rental. I do not recommend internal flights firstly because you will not be able to enjoy the landscape and secondly because the prices are very high, since there are few companies: a single route costs between 120 and 240 New Zealand dollars, a high cost if we consider that a long bus ride costs 20 dollars.

If you are in a group or as a couple and prefer more freedom, you can rent a car, in this way you will save money, considering that the rental starts from New Zealand dollars 40 per day and you will have the opportunity to reach even the most remote areas , otherwise inaccessible by public transport.

And if you want to save even more you can take advantage of sites like Gum tree, widely used both in Australia and in New Zealand: here you can look for travel companions who want to do the same itinerary and share the costs of rental and gasoline.

Activities and Excursions:

What probably affects the budget of a holiday in New Zealand the most are the activities and tours, precisely because the offer is very wide and you can spend between 100 and 600 New Zealand dollars.

In fact, if you want to try various extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, rafting, etc. it is easy to waste your funds quickly: a bungee jump costs between 100 and 200 dollars , a trek through the glaciers costs about 100 dollars, skydiving costs 320 dollars, but even a simple speedboat ride costs 95 dollars.

Obviously in this case the only way to save is to choose only the things that really interest you and for the rest give space to free activities, walks and excursions, such as exploring the national parks, relaxing on the beach and visiting the botanical gardens and galleries. art of cities. Also consider buying a pass that includes multiple tours to save money.


Internet in New Zealand is very slow and expensive and the price is around NZ $ 4 per hour (around 2.50) and there are daily packages for 15 dollars and monthly packages for 150 dollars. But the country offers many bars, bookstores and fast food restaurants where you can access the internet for free.


Tips in New Zealand are not mandatory and you can decide whether or not to leave them depending on the service received, although sometimes there may already be a service charge applied to the bill. If you want to leave a tip, consider a percentage between 5 and 10% of the total bill.

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