How Far In Advance Can You Book a Flight on American Airlines

American airline is located in America and headquartered in Fort Worth. It is operating for the last 94 years and offering continuous services to the customer. However, there are two types of travel, the first one is those who make quick traveling plans, and the second is booking in advance.

For last-minute booking, there are different options. But most travelers keep searching for how far in advance can you book a flight on American airlines? If you are making planning in advance, wondering the same question, then read further.

American Airlines Advance Booking Policy

To book a ticket in advance, you must understand the policy of American airlines.

You can book your ticket 331 days before the flight departure

If you try to book a ticket below the number we have mentioned, then you will not able to book

If you are doing the last-minute booking, then you are allowed to book 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure

The price of the ticket is fixed, no matter what will be the price of booking on the day of travel

If you cancel the ticket and want to rebook, then you might have to bear the additional charges

Your traveling class will also decide the advance booking period. For example, for premium class booking, one can book an online ticket within 331 days. Where in case of the economy, there will be some restriction

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The airline will display their seats 13 months before. You can check this when you up for the booking. If it shows seats and cost, then you are eligible, and if not, then you might have to wait

Now, you can see how far you can do the booking. To know more about American airlines reservations policies, customer support is with you. You can easily connect with them and know about different things before you proceed with booking in advance.

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