How Does Crowdfunding Help in Education Sector?

With the Right to Education enshrined in the Indian Constitution, millions of children are guaranteed an opportunity to pursue a path that would enrich their lives. However, the mammoth task of ensuring that every child receives the education they deserve needs civil participation to support the government’s execution. 

Be it an NGO in Gurugram that works to foster a scientific temperament in school-aged kids or one that works with children affected by violent extremism in tribal India; several organisations are working to educate millions of children. Even with their unique intention and efforts, they still find it hard to sustain their work, mainly due to a lack of sufficient funds. 

Apart from CSR funds, institutional grants, and HNI contributions, those working in the education sector need help from us, ordinary everyday people. One of the best ways to do this is through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding for education has received a boost in recent years. Many education fund raising sites have helped NGOs and individuals working in the education sector to reach their goals. 

Here are some ways in which education crowdfunding campaigns can facilitate real change:

  • Raise funding for school fees

Want to raise funds for the school fees for the children of all the house-help in your building? You can do that by starting a crowdfunding for education campaign with Ketto. Even small contributions from many can help send tens of children to school and give them a fighting chance to break the vicious cycle of poverty. A crowdfunding campaign can have a goal amount that can educate one or even a million girls with the right help, and right intention.

  • Buying school supplies

While the government policies and laws can ensure that children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds can gain admission into a private school, the hard truth remains that it still comes with a monetary cost. Books and school supplies cost money, and many cannot afford that. NGOs and well-meaning individuals can start a crowdfunding campaign to buy resources that these students will need.

  • Cover costs of infrastructure

Dilapidated school buildings are not a new sight. Unsafe school buildings, classrooms without benches, unequipped science labs or libraries, lack of proper sanitary facilities all contribute to students dropping out or refusing to go to school. A simple yet effective solution is to strengthen the buildings and equip the school with excellent infrastructure and resources. 

When teenage girls know that they can change their pads in the school washroom, they will attend regularly. When curious children have a well-equipped library to go to and a playground to play, they will attend school with increased zeal and enthusiasm. When teachers have sound teaching material, they will be further motivated to put in their best.

  • Teacher capacity-building 

There are many NGOs in the education sector that work on recruiting and training community teachers. This will help manage the resource crunch often faced in remote India. A crowdfunding campaign can help these NGOs hire people who can train teachers, provide learning kits, and create a brilliant ripple effect that results in more children learning at school. 

Thus, crowdfunding in the education sector provides an opportunity for a diverse range of educational endeavours to realise their vision of an educated India.  Visit the Ketto Crowdfunding website to learn more about how you can help in contributing to educating the children of India.

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