How Do People Pay for Surrogates?

Indians are gradually warming up to the idea of becoming parents through surrogacy. According to details furnished by the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, there are as many as three crore Indian couples afflicted with infertility problems. Be it infertility reasons, serious health, or any other issues, advanced surrogacy techniques have raised the chances of parenthood considerably for intended parents. Considering that surrogates play a significant role in helping create a family, it makes sense to ask how to pay for surrogates.

The fees charged by the surrogate is given so that she can take better care of herself and the child she is carrying in her womb. In addition to the fees charged for the service rendered (as most surrogates do in for money), the surrogacy cost in India includes expenses on medications sought during pregnancy, agency fees, fertility clinic fees, expense on medical products like bariatric hospital bed legal fees apart from the standard fees charged by surrogates. A lot depends on whether the surrogacy process is traditional or gestational. There are no fixed fees that surrogates charge. However, there are other factors into consideration that affect surrogacy fees to a large extent. In most cases, it depends on the fertility center the surrogate is tied up with or the financial condition of the intended parents. It can make the surrogacy process expensive. The surrogacy cost in Delhi alone is estimated to be somewhere between Rs. 6,00,000 and Rs. 8,00,000.

Paying for Surrogates

The surrogacy cost in Delhi is said to be more affordable than in other Indian states, thus, explaining the increasing number of fertility centers in the city and the rush of intended parents approaching them for advice and help.

However, just because surrogacy fees are high does not mean that only hi-end people can afford to be parents through this method. Considering that many prospective intended parents may not have immediate access to such a large sum of money, there are loan facilities to pay for surrogacy cost in India. Surrogacy financing options like these ensure parenthood a not so expensive option.

Financing Options for Surrogacy


In India, there are no loans given by banks for surrogacy. One may, however, consider taking personal loans from major banks. Though the interest charged on such loans is a bit high, easy availability of funds can help turn the dream of parenthood into a reality. Intended parents who have been customers of a bank for prolonged periods find it easier to seek such loans as pre-approved loans are disbursed within four hours of application.

Besides, there are many financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv that lend maternity loans. A loan of up to Rs. 4.5 lakhs is allowed, thus, converting the high medical expenses into easy EMIs. These loan amounts take care of the entire cost of IVF treatment, maternity expenses, and lifecare expenditure of the newborn. Secure EMI payments ensure that the whole expenditure right from delivery to post-natal treatments is taken care of.

Health Insurance

Buying health insurance cover that covers fertility expenses is another reliable way to fund your maternity dream. Health insurance inclusions and exclusions are the same throughout, which means that intended parents from non-metro cities can also buy this cover and avail its benefits.

However, unlicensed fertility centers in towns and non-metros prompt people to visit Delhi and seek fertility treatment at the centers here. It explains the high surrogacy cost in Delhi as compared to other states.

The concept of surrogacy is not too old in India. Also, due to certain misconceptions about this process and the fear of backlash against barren women, most people prefer to keep their experience about surrogacy under wraps, thus, creating further misunderstandings about the process.

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