How Dead Zone Can Lead to Network Issues?

How Dead Zone Can Lead to Network Issues?

In the history of technologies, smartphones are one of the most popular electronics gadgets that have many functions and are available at less prices. Given how much they have changed the market by replacing products in various sectors especially print media.

It is getting outdated as apps are unfathomably changing the industry. The online readership and less time at hand, people prefer consuming news online.

One of the reasons is the increase in internet users over the past few years due to cheap data charges. There is no shadow of a doubt that smartphones have revamped our lives for better. They have a huge impact on how much time we spend on mobile phones.

These have changed our expectations by offering many things on the phone. We have social media platforms to thank for that as well. It’s very popular among millennials and Generation Z.

Providing a platform to express, these platforms are boundless in geographical demarcations. No big surprise the dread of passing up a great opportunity has become a genuine fear.

As the technology evolves, some glitches require solutions yet there could be another type of problems that could have a positive or negative impact.

New Challenges

Since COVID-19 completely ambushed and disintegrated the entire world forcing people to stay at home. Imagine at this time, what is the most valuable object you have?

It’s your mobile phone that is going to keep you and help you stay connected with the world and your family & friends. Pandemics have hit severely in the past.

For example, the Spanish Influenza claimed 50 million lives in 1918 out of 500 million people affected. At that time, there were no smartphones and medical equipment wasn’t advanced enough.

In the present time, living without mobile phones is like existing without food. This is the reason how much those 5 network bars are essential. Without them, even a day could feel incomplete or you could be living in the dead zone area.

Dead Zone

Without getting into the literal meaning of the phrase, dead zone. It means a region without network connectivity.

This is due to two possibilities, one is that the signal is blocked due to natural or man-made structures.

The other reason is that the cell tower is far away. It’s not pleasant being stuck or living in such an area.



One of the significant reasons in the urban regions are the materials, for instance, steel, concrete and square utilized in the improvement of structures are tenacious sign disruptors.

Individuals living in congested territories regularly go over signs issues. One cannot change the place easily but at least can come up with a solution.

There are temporary fixes but they are not only cumbersome but futile. The permanent solution is to get a 4g signal booster.

Distance from the cell tower:

Distance and network are directly proportional to each other. Farthest the distance, feeble the network.

Furthermore, living in the area with dense forest or mountains the signal would be weak.

Landscape barriers:

As mentioned above in the point that mountains, hills ( higher altitude) and dense, tall trees can hinder the signal.

They just absorb the signal even when they reach the cell phone. In case planning for trekking, think about it.

Weather Conditions:

Storms, thick fog, heavy rainfall are known to hinder the network signals. It’s troublesome for people who live in the area receiving heavy rainfall or snow. Receiving uninterrupted network is a dream for this area. 

Taking everything into account, there are various establishments for weak signs. Some are man-made, others are the endowment of nature—mobile signal booster. An unparalleled trustworthy solution to get signals in a dead zone.

Mobile Signal Boosters

Catching frail signals from the nearest cell tower, it boosts the signal and redistributes it to the designated area. It’s an ideal arrangement that can evade away all the explanations behind not getting strong signals.

It doesn’t make a difference at which part of the house the person is. It would work! Before buying, search the major brands in the market.

There are various mobile signal boosters offering relevant and genuine items depending on your needs.