How Data Science Is Affecting the Field Of SEO

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Data science and SEO has a direct relation with each other. To optimize your website for increased search. The traffic is not a simple task as it used to be anymore. Not only does it take longer to see results from a successful SEO campaign. But Google’s algorithm has become more unpredictable since its last update. As a result, SEO has become mostly guesswork than tried and tested formulas.

It has become so fiercely competitive. Even all the standard techniques, that you might have gained expertise. They are no longer enough for organic traffic and conversions. According to recent statistics about search engine optimization. Google’s search algorithm uses an estimated 200 plus factors to rank the websites.

Now, this figure clearly suggests, that the chances of your website appearing on the topmost of the search result page are as vague as the concepts you apply to achieve it.

  • So what can be one concrete way to see better SEO results? The answer is data science.

According to Wikipedia, Data science is a “concept to unify statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and their related methods” in order to “understand and analyze actual phenomena” with data.

It is a field of study in the broader concepts of artificial intelligence when it comes to analyzing and processing data known as datasets. And even though it’s not fairly new, data science has gained hype over the last few years so much that it comes close to SEO every day.

If you are still unsure of how popular data science has grown, you can go check out what Google Trends itself showcases.


The Data Science Connection To SEO

Data science’s core work is to provide valuable insights of a website’s performance. These insights are very helpful to improve your SEO campaigns for better predicted and guaranteed results. From making predictions about upcoming trends and consumer behavior analytics, data science can significantly impact SEO.

How Data Science Impacts SEO?

Therefore here we have compiled the top eight major ways through which data science impacts SEO for better understanding and utilization for optimum SEO results through successful SEO campaigns.

1. Helps You Decide Your Data Sources

As SEO analysts, we shouldn’t ignore the fact that data insights are only going to look as good as the data source that provides us those insights. Now, if the source is that major of a component, then where should you look, and which one should you decide upon?

As distressing as this may sound, the answer is relatively simple, although many people would not agree that the best data source is Excel. Even after far advanced options available, Excel remains one of the easiest and fastest mediums to manipulate large about of data and handling information analysis.

Other descriptive analytical tools, like Google Analytics, Big Query, SEMRush, and Tableau are the better/advanced versions. These require proper training to understand and use for optimum results but are definitely worth the time and effort.

It depends on the current setup you are following, so there are no restrictions whatsoever as to how many SEO insights are a good amount. The focus should be on your limited visibility and using the best source that has all the answers you need.

2. Aligns SEO with Other Marketing Initiatives

One of the main goals of any marketing campaign has is to connect the customer to their needed commodity successfully for increased conversions. In the case of best SEO service, a marketing campaign at its core has the objective to align the best SEO practices with as many marketing channels to make the most of all the marketing activities available.

Data science pinpoints the relationship between all your marketing campaigns working simultaneously while tracking the changes between the dependent and independent variables. It will be very useful for you, to get the hold of how the interplay of these two variable types can be used.

Using this, you can measure the effectiveness of your applied marketing strategies. It will automatically help your company, to enhance it’s marketing. This will also reduce the cost and time wasted on strategies that are not working.

3. Creates Valuable Traffic Instead Of Just Number Growth

Many businesses tend to follow the bandwagon of just increasing their numbers consistently, whereas creating value traffic is more important.

As best SEO service analysts, we should understand that the increased number of traffic is only useful if it leads to a successfully completed, smooth process of customer sales conversion. From the beginning, this process must be implemented. This will be resulting an increased bounce rate, which is not suitable for our SEO rankings. Bounce rate is when a consumer visits your websites but abandons the visit midway without interacting with any of the content.

Reduced bounce rate is the goal for all the websites. After having spent so much effort and resources on their website, nobody would want to learn that it is doing the opposite of what their initial goal was, i.e., to attract better customer responses.

Data science provides you with the right collective big data statistics to undermine the issue that increases the bounce rate, in turn, allowing valuable traffic. It may hit to kill your traffic numbers initially but, over time, provide you guaranteed quantifiable traffic.


4. Helps in Data Visualization

Now, coming back to the point where we mentioned that many people would not agree that Excel is the best data source. The main reason is that, as being a data analyst and presented with a spreadsheet covered with numbers. That sight would be difficult to digest for even the most expert of the data analysts and decision-makers.

It increases the risk of missing out the smallest of details that actually do add up to create a bigger issue. Looking at the data hierarchy according to a Google Patent’s study, in such confined and unplanned ways can make it nearly impossible to point any recurring pattern.

Therefore, data science and its associated tools are excellent for data visualization. They help you to:

  • Speed up the process of gaining knowledge of the issue at hand.
  • Efficiently compare and contrast between the data sets.
  • Easily spot recurring and common trends and patterns amongst the data sets.
  • Undertake a more substantial amount of data at scale in a strategic manner.
  • Reveal loose loops that previously had the chance of being missed out.

5. Server Log Analysis

Server log analysis is an excellent way to enhance your on-site and technical prospects of SEO. Data sciences manage to collect your giant data sets of log files and go through them to help you better understand the backend crawlers of your website to make them more frontline.

A server log file provides insight into each and every visit at your website gets to help you identify underlying information that can prove crucial for SEO analysis. For instance, you can take the example of the clients who pay seasonal visits to an assignment service UK website and are nowhere to be seen for most of the time.

Many businesses only use log analysis when they find themselves amidst the chaos of a bug or error spam, a potential hacker, or data leakage. However, the experts suggest that it should be performed regularly for marking any lops that might be persisting in the backend.

6. Automation of Processes

Where AI and machine learning is automating digital marketing strategies and almost every business prospect, then why not SEO. Data science easily automates your analytical and decision-making process for a more thorough and detailed analysis and educated decision making.

The algorithm is used to optimize content, images, and videos to better connect your website with the audience through all possible domains. Google is not limited to showing you just the text result after you input a search.

The algorithm has become s advanced that it is not even necessary that the top search is text-based. It can range for the image slider to a video suggestion all the same. Automating your SEO processes with the help of data sciences can easily get you to incorporate all types of content to match the keyword search that your client inputs.

7. Predictive Data Analytics and Algorithms

It cannot be emphasized enough how important prediction is, when it comes to Google algorithms. This also having them supposed to work in your favor. Google has made its search engine optimization so unpredictable. Recently that by now, it is more of a guessing game that confirmed tried and tested method application.

Data science, along with machine learning, works precisely to counter that. If you do it correctly, it can help you to highlight the keywords and roadmaps that work specifically for your business domain. According to The Art of SEO, the concept behind this is: 

To find out if your website were to rank at the top of the result page, how much revenue is it supposed to be making in comparison to what it is making now. It gives you your current position and a potential revenue measurement so that there is an accountability margin for you to work on.

You can now easily abandon the keywords that don’t work for higher follow-ups on specific keywords that appeal to both your business as well as clients.

8. Overcoming Inaccuracy in Data through SEO

Just as the quantity of the SEO traffic is secondary to the quality of the traffic being generated. It is crucial not only to have huge sums of data sets but the valid data that is useful for analysis and doesn’t go to waste.

Marketing companies are so fixated to practice. They are just on getting the analytical results that through the process, they end up undermining the quality of their data set. The question to answer here is that the data is even relevant to the issue at hand to achieve the desired result or is just the part of the analysis because it is there.

Therefore, companies should pay attention to data they input for an analysis of a specific problem. Data science has its biggest drawback as not being able to identify from which data is useful to which is not.

It is where the analytical tools have their algorithm to the rescue to differentiate and navigate the right results to improve the accuracy of their big data analysis.

Bottom Line

All in all, data science is easily the best way to get more accurate answers. Compared to any other non-data related science. It has changed the way businesses. Now we can make decisions to rightful path for discovering newer search engine optimization trends with concrete results.



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