How Compact Tractor Is Beneficial for Small Farmers

Tractors are important for farming work and make farming operations easy. But for small farmers selecting a heavy-duty tractor is very expensive. Hence, many tractor companies produce compact tractors that include the same features as heavy duty tractors for small farmers.

Compact tractors are also called orchard tractors, small tractors, Chota tractors. They are less expensive and profitable for small and marginal farmers. Tractors are suitable for gardening work, orchard farming, etc.

Following are the major benefits of a compact tractor in farming:-

  1. Compact Tractor Provide Low Price

Compact tractors available at an affordable price for farmers. As we all know, farmers look for low price tractors during the selection of tractors, and for it, small tractors are a perfect option. Many tractor brands provide small tractors at an affordable price, such as the Vst tractor, very well known for its small tractor range.

  1. Compact Tractor Use Less Fuel

Most compact tractors provide low fuel consumption and won’t eat fuel as heavy-duty tractors would. They have small tanks and cannot run as long as heavy-duty tractors. After refilling fuel tanks, they work well on the field. This benefit of small tractors saves money and improves the productivity of the farmers.

  1. Compact Tractor is Easy to Maneuver

Compact tractors come with a small wheelbase that allows tractors to run tight circles and maneuver in small fields. It is a major benefit of small tractors over heavy-duty tractors because turning and positioning are difficult for heavy-duty tractors.

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