How come launching a fantasy cricket software will make your business box office hit?

To begin with, who doesn’t love cricket? Almost everyone is crazy about cricket. Imagine an app that gives the live cricket experience. It is none other than the fantasy cricket game. It is an online gaming application where the user will select matches, create teams, and get rewarded based on the match’s result. Here comes the question of what is the benefit of launching a fantasy gaming app for your business. The answer is, launching a distinctive fantasy gaming app will fascinate the users and drive more traffic to your application. With a well-structured business model, you can emerge as a successful business person. This blog will educate you on the benefits, features, and working model of the fantasy cricket software. 

Before starting with the features of the app, know the tournaments supported by this application. Not exaggerating, but the application supports all the daily, weekly, and seasonal tournaments like

  • IPL
  • T20
  • ICC World cup
  • BigBash, Australia
  • Caribbean Premier League, West Indies
  • Sri Lanka Premier League, Sri Lanka, etc.

Basic features of the fantasy application:

The user application:

Registration– To use the application, the user must enter the required details and register. However, the user can skip the registration process by logging into the app with social media credentials.

Single dashboard– Once the user enters the application’s home page, the user will see a dashboard wherein he/she can manage all the in-app activities like creating matches, checking the revenue earned, etc.

Search bar– The user can search the desired leagues or tournaments via the search bar. For example, the user is looking for a T20 tournament; then the user can search for it by inputting the keyword T20.

Join tournaments– The user opts to join any number of tournaments according to the specified team size, entry fee, etc.

Create matches– The top benefit of the application is that the user can create multiple matches. The user can select players for the team by viewing the player’s details as matches won, lost, performance rate, etc.

Leaderboards– The purpose of leaderboards is to display the names of the top-performing players. The leaderboards will boost the spirit among users and will ultimately lead to high performances.

User history– To give a better user experience, the app allows the user to view the previous in-app activities like the number of matches played, rewards earned, matches won, lost, etc.

Ratings and reviews– Every user will have a different perspective of the user experience. Know what your users feel about your app via the review section.

The admin app:

The admin dashboard– The admin can manage all the activities from a single dashboard. The admin will supervise activities like matches played by the user, scores, rewards earned, revenue, etc.

User management– The admin has full control over the user’s account. The admin can even remove any user in case of any suspicious activities.

League/match management– As the app supports numerous leagues/matches, the admin can modify or schedule those matches.

Reward points– The admin will verify whether the user is eligible for the reward or not.

Customer relationship management: The admin can have a good rapport with the user by sending emails, SMS, push notifications, and even newsletters.

Top defining features of the application:

Social media sharing- The best way to publicize your app is by allowing the user to share the match results on social media.

GPS- The in-app GPS will help the user find and participate in any leagues happening nearby his/her location.

Push notifications– Inform the user regarding the match schedules, updates, policies instantly via push notifications.

Community forum– This feature enables the user to chat with other users regarding their experiences, match selection, player selection, etc.

Multiple payment options– The user has to pay the entry fee to participate in the match. Ease the user’s payment process by providing various payment options.

All the above-seen features are in-built ones. Apart from these, you can add several other exciting features that are optional.

Sports quiz– Integrating the sports quiz section into the app will be welcomed among users. Users can participate in quizzes, gain points, and improve their knowledge.

Winner prediction– The most thrilling part of any game will be the winner prediction. Add this feature to the app so that the user will have an exciting experience.

Live streaming– The user can view the live streaming of matches from your application.

Live match substitution– The user can change any two players between the match and appoint them as captain/vice-captain.

Next comes another exciting part of the blog where you will know about the application’s revenue model.

Income model of the application:

Commission model– As the app owner, you can gain income via commission fee. For every transaction that happens on your platform, you can charge a certain amount as commission fee. This way you can gain income.

Advertisements– Promote the brands of third parties by displaying their advertisements on your site. As your application continues to become popular, many brand owners will approach your app to post their advertisements.

As we have covered the app’s ins and outs, let us quickly know the working model of the app.

Step 1- The user will enter all the details and complete the login step.

Step 2- Next, the user will search for the matches and will select a match.

Step 3- The user will add players to the match by selecting them based on their past performances.

Step 4- The user will assign the captain and vice-captain for the team.

Step 5- The user will keep track of the live scores, and based on the score, he/she will be declared the winner.

Step 6- Once the match ends, the user can withdraw the amount based on the match result.


All the above content is thoroughly researched to provide legitimate information to you. We hope that you have a clear cut idea of fantasy applications and how they function. With no further delay, catch up with the expert fantasy cricket app developers, tell all your requirements, and get your application deployed on all platforms.

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