How Can You Boost WiFi Upstairs?

A modern household is an internet-enabled place; we all use devices that require internet access to function, to the point where many of us would actually feel a little lost without them. This means that top-quality broadband is an essential feature of any home – without it, you’ll be stuck with frustrating experiences caused by not-spots throughout the household, which nobody wants. One of the most common notspot issues faced by the general public is the struggle of trying to get consistent, effective coverage upstairs. These areas are often furthest from the router and face lots of disruption that can impact service, however, there are a few ways to fix this which could give you the WiFi you dream of throughout your home.

WiFi Boosters

A fix that most will already be fairly familiar with is the simple WiFi booster, which is a plug in device that extends the range of your router to areas that it may not have previously been able to reach. Using a simple plug in method, WiFi range extenders are sure to help boost signal to areas that were previously out of range, however there are a few drawbacks to consider with these devices.

First of all, this extended range can often result in lower speeds, with the added step causing a little more traffic in the network as the booster is, essentially, another device that is actively operating on the same WiFi network. In addition to this, WiFi boosters aren’t the most practical solution either – they often don’t support seamless roaming within the household, so you can find yourself having to log in and out of different devices to access the most effective WiFi signal in the various areas of your home.

Whole Home WiFi Networks

With whole home WiFi, you see a lot of the negatives faced with WiFi extenders eradicated, giving you a WiFi network that provides your home with a service that’s not just effective but fast, reliable, and value-for-money. Whole-home WiFi, or Mesh WiFi, provides blanket coverage throughout your home, meaning there’s no more notspots or dead-zones – in turn, this will mean that every room within your household from loft to basement will be home to excellent WiFi service.

Mesh WiFi works using a series of nodes located throughout your home which provide boosts to your WiFi without major losses to speed – this means every part of your home will be able to give users an internet connection that they can benefit from. These nodes also operate as a seamless connection throughout your home, allowing you to roam around the household whilst automatically connecting to the best-placed node for your location at any given time, cutting out the tedious logging in and out that you may be faced with when using WiFi boosters.

Find The Right Provider

Another aspect that could have a huge impact on your home WiFi network is the provider that you choose, as each of these has their own pros and cons that you can use to your advantage. For example, many providers now offer Mesh WiFi plans as a supplementary extra on top of your monthly fee, meaning you can bring whole-home WiFi into any household in an instant. You may also find that some broadband providers can offer Ultrafast broadband in certain locations – these packages offer speeds over 300Mbps, which far exceeds that offered by the more widely available Superfast packages. Use Zen Internet’s handy coverage checker to see if you’re eligible for their Which? Award-winning broadband services!

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