How Can You Apply for an Australian Student Visa 500?

International students who wish to study in Australia for their studies require to obtain Student Visa Subclass 500. With this visa, students can stay for a duration of 5 years in Australia at an education institute from the day of enrollment. To get the visa, the candidate can apply from Australia or from outside Australia. For full-time students, it will cost around AUD $575 per application and it must be applied at least six weeks before the course resumes.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

The GTE is the document which justifies that the sole intention of the applicant is to receive education from Australia and not focused towards further stay in Australia.

Qualification and Employment profile

The applicant needs to provide the most recent academic qualification report as it will serve as proof of previous education.

Financial Reports

Presenting Bank statements, Income Tax returns, and other financial documents before you submit your application. The evidence of your funds should include that you have enough money to cover all the expenses Tuition, travel and staying in Australia. Your staying costs for a year should be at least AUD 20,290 for a year according to immigration policies set by the Australian Immigration Department.

Character Requirement

According to Australian Immigration Policies, the candidate coming to Australia for studies should possess good character with no criminal record in his/her name. A penal clearance certificate should or a police statement is required to show the character values of the Individual.

Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions

After a successful application, Student subclass 500 holders will have a few conditions to comply. Some of these conditions are clarified as follows:

Condition 8105 – While the enrolled course of study, you can’t work over 40 hours for each fortnight or 20 hours of the week;

Condition 8202 – You should keep up enrollment in an certified full-time course of study;

Condition 8501 – While you are in Australia, you should keep up their Overseas Student Health Cover;

Condition 8516 – If you were the primary candidate, you should keep on fulfilling the necessities to be conceded a visa. This implies you should stay subject to a course of study, have sufficient budgetary assets, and comply with your understudy visa conditions;

Condition 8533 – if you were outside of Australia when the visa was in approved, you should inform your education institution of their residential location inside 7 days of moving to Australia.

All the above conditions are needed to fulfill for successful Student Visa Subclass 500 application to Australia. In case you feel difficulty in understanding all the terms and conditions of the Australian immigration department, you can take assistance from Immigration Agent Adelaide and get all necessary help you want for getting Student Visa 500 Australia.

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