How Can Influencers Survive this Period of Crisis?

Influencers, especially those who have been part of the social media game for a long time, are facing a global recession for the first time in their career. The last time a pandemic hit the world, we didn’t have Instagram. This shows how far the social media game has come without a real crisis affecting those sitting at the top of the pyramid.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. Many things we thought were important before the lockdown now seem trivial. Influencer marketing is one those tenets of marketing. Companies that are generous while funding expensive influencer driven campaigns are now very cautious about spending their money at the right resources. 

Influencers are enjoying the increased social media engagement they are getting. Since most people are using social media more often these days, it is natural for average engagement numbers to go up. However, monetization opportunities such as product promotion and placement through which influencers actually made their money are now drying up. 

In this article, we discuss how influencers on social media can survive this period of crisis. 

Bring the Focus Back on Content

The first step influencers have to make is ensure their following on social media and other channels keeps growing. The only way to survive this crisis is to stay relevant. Right now, influencers who are taking it easy and not uploading content everyday are losing touch with their audience.

It is imperative that influencers keep creating quality content and grow their following. Influencers can survive this crisis if they leverage their following to make noise and show brands the influence they weild over their audience.

Strike Trusted Brand Partnerships

One thing that made the news recently is Amazon slashing affiliate commission rates to 3%. Many blogging influencers ended up facing a downturn in income generated thanks to this change. 

This decision from Amazon made one thing clear – it’s not a good partner for the long-term. Influencers right now must strike partnerships and make affiliate relationships with brands and companies they trust. There is no point in having a partnership with a company like Amazon that bolts whenever it is convenient. 

In Conclusion

In this article, we covered how influencers can survive this period of crisis. For any type of online influencer, this pandemic will prove to be very challenging. It is thus crucial that influencers take the advice mentioned in this article and apply it to safeguard their career.

About the Author – Jaidev Sharma is an influencer in the field of blogging. He has written several blogs on subjects like digital marketing and business analytics. Currently, he works as a content trainer at, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi

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