How Business Setup Services in Dubai Serves as a one stop solution

Foreign investors are flocking to Dubai to set up their businesses as the emirate holds the reputation of being one of the best destinations for company formation. The open and transparent economy, strategic location, focus on innovation and the strong support of the government are the major reasons why the Business Setup Services in Dubai has become an attractive option for foreign entrepreneurs.

However, setting up a business in Dubai is a strategic decision and the investors need assistance in every step of company formation right from choosing the right jurisdiction. As an entrepreneur who is new to Dubai, you may be faced with the requirement of complying with the UAE laws and also have to deal with regulatory authorities. However, these are not herculean tasks if you hire reputed business setup services in Dubai, UAE.

How Business Setup Services in Dubai Can Help You?

Apart from a strong business plan and funding, you need to have sound knowledge about the UAE laws and regulations to successfully incorporate a company in Dubai. But, it is practically impossible to study all the laws before initiating the process of business setup in Dubai. Business setup consultants act as your knowledge partner who will guide you through all the steps of company formation in Dubai.

The following are some of the aspects in which the assistance of business setup consultants in Dubai will come handy for you:

1. Assistance in Choosing the Right Jurisdiction

The most crucial decision you have to make while setting up a company in Dubai is deciding the jurisdiction, which is the mainland or the free zones. The mainland company formation in Dubai allows you to market your products anywhere in the UAE but you need to have a local sponsor (UAE national) who will hold at least 51% shares in the company.  On the contrary, the free zone allows you to conduct business with customers outside the UAE but you can have the benefit of 100% ownership. A decision on which jurisdiction to choose should be based on your business activity, company structure, and the location of the potential customer base.

2. Impart Clarity on Licensing and Legal Procedures

To conduct any business activity you need to obtain a trade license in Dubai from the respective mainland or free zone licensing authority. The business setup consultants in Dubai will advise you on the types of licenses and the legal procedures you need to undertake to obtain the trade license. The licenses correspond to the business activity you are planning to conduct in Dubai. If special activities like legal, accounting, oil, etc. are involved you need to secure the approval from the relevant Ministries.

3. PRO/ Visa Services

The best business setup services in Dubai offer you PRO services such as getting your visas processed at the labour office and the immigration office. The PRO services will also come to your aid if you want to sponsor your dependents.

The PRO services help the companies by providing services like,

  • The application, renewal of Visas of investors, partners for free zone & LLC companies
  • Document attestation at Notary public
  • Translation of documents into multiple languages
  • Renewal of trade license
  • Renewal of immigration and labour card
  • Registration of EJARI

4. Ensuring Compliance with Economic Substance Regulations & Other Laws

The UAE has always been at the forefront of aligning the economy with global standards. The regulations such as Economic Substance Regulations (ESR),Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and the National Economic Register (NER) have made the economy more transparent and created a better image for Dubai across the world. By hiring the best business setup services in Dubai you can ensure that your company is complying with these regulations.

5. Advice on Business setup Activities and Profitable Opportunities

Professional business setup consultants in Dubai are the first people to know the evolving trends in the market. They conduct research about the challenges and the new opportunities in the market and the investor can access it through their blogs, newsletters, etc. If you are looking to commence the process of business setup in Dubai amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you can get to know about the top sunrise sectors promising good growth.

How can Business Setup Services in Dubai Assist You?

In-depth knowledge about the right business jurisdiction, trade licenses. The local laws & regulations is the key to a successful company formation in Dubai. Since foreign investors come with little knowledge about the UAE laws, they need the professional assistance of highly skilled business setup consultants. The best business setup consultants in Dubai provide the clients with reliable mainland and free zone company formation advice. In short, the business setup services in Dubai save you from unnecessary delays and legal troubles by simplifying the business setup process.

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