How branding and printing can take your business to the next level

Large format print is an age-old skill most commonly used for signs, branding, décor and advertising. At DM Design & Marketing, we like to combine print skills with exquisite marketing strategy to deliver clients a campaign that reaches wider audiences and drives higher consumer engagement. Here we delve deeper to explain how large format print can drive your business forward.

With more and more advertisements filtering through our social media platforms and online banner ads swamping our news sites, many businesses are going totally digital these days with their marketing strategy, but in reality, traditional forms of promotional marketing are often still more effective. In fact, printed materials tend to be more engaging than digital advertisements, and more trusting. Most clear to see is that when customers see and feel something tangible, they’re usually more likely to remember and act on it. That’s why so many businesses find success with large format printing.

Taking advantage of unused space (buildings, vehicles, interior designs, train/plane stations)

We’re living in an incredibly exciting time, where there’s very minimal restriction on how and where you advertise your business. With the possibility to advertise across buses, train stations, buildings, taxi’s and entire windows of high-rise buildings, it’s tough to understand why many businesses aren’t taking advantage of the unused out of home advertising space.

In fact, publications and online ads are becoming so heavily diluted and highly targeted, that unless you’re advertising to a small, niche audience, it can be expensive to reach large numbers and drive results. On the other hand, outdoor advertising gives you the platform to promote your business to thousands of passing people each hour, without them being able to shut off your ad like they could online.

The most exciting thing about making use of this advertising space is that it never runs out. The world is your oyster and you don’t even have to pay for the space if it’s your own property.

Outdoor advertising really works

We’ve talked in this blog about using large format print for the purpose of outdoor advertising, but you’re probably wondering if this is a really an effective form of advertising and how it can be measured.

Recent statistics show that 83% of people can recall seeing out of home advertising within the 30 minutes before they shop, whereas over 25% of the population have visited a website as a direct response to an outdoor campaign.

Despite the fact that the vast amount of us are now online on a regular basis, there is still an audience of potential buyers offline, and without targeting that audience you could be missing out on a great deal of business.

Repeat targeting

In advertising, the term “effective frequency” is used to describe the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an advertising message before the marketer gets the desired response, whether that be buying a product, or something as simple as remembering a message.

Research proves messages are more effective when repeated. Yet customers have the ability to block your online ad or dispose of a print publication your ad is featured in after seeing it for just a few seconds.

Advertising campaigns that are promoted in large format print are usually for the purpose of outdoor advertising, vehicle vinyl’s or conferences and events; so typically, they are seen repeatedly and passers by can’t just ‘opt out’, meaning that your large format print has a greater chance of making a lasting impact and creating brand recognition.

Large format print increases brand recognition

An everlasting benefit of oversized printing is that it can improve your brand visibility. Large format printing will get your brand noticed and will lead consumers to remember your name for all of the right reasons. In such a saturated market, it can be difficult to make a lasting impression. When you work with a printer company that understands marketing just as much as they understand print, you are bound to stand out.

Large format print, with sizes of printed materials that use A1 or even A0 printing, is going to be much more eye-catching, even from far distances. You’ll get a much better ROI when you can attract more customers from down the street or across a crowded trade show room! You’ll be able to capture your audience’s attention and reel them in, which translates into increased sales and greater brand loyalty.

Make a rumble in the jungle!

Let’s talk about Guerrilla Marketing for a minute. You may or not be familiar with this term

Guerrilla marketing is all about making use of outdoor space with large format or digital screens that encourage the public to connect emotionally or even interact with your advertising campaign. This type of campaign doesn’t just connect visually with your audience, but also has the potential to connect physically and emotionally, leaving a much greater impression on them.

When you’re considering your next advertising campaign, why not consider how you could use large format print to get people talking about your brand for all the right reasons?

Large format printing is a concept that describes materials that are in fact too large to be easily printed on readily available sizes of presses. Wide-format printing is a key part of a branding business strategy, because it covers a wide range of print materials like windows, store displays, banners, posters and event signage. Such materials can be utilised to promote events, get attention and provide a visual reference for clients to easily recognise when branding a firm. The first step in building a brand awareness campaign is being noticed by other people and making them want to learn more about you and your company. This can be accomplished because of the size and variety of materials offered by large printing machines.

Large format printing stands out from other branding strategies because of the size and the variety of materials offered for use. You can actually have the best product in the world or the best idea for a company. However, you still need to efficiently market your product in order to build your firm in the eyes of your customers. Large format business printing will allow you to get noticed and be kept in mind by others, eventually they may want to learn more about the services offered by your company.

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