, How bed sheets can be recycled

In this world, nothing lasts forever, if we are talking about sheets then even if the sheets are expensive with high quality or the sheets with cheap price and less quality they won’t last forever either. Everything has its lifespan, after which they are tossed in the basket. Many huge companies offer high quality and a life span of many years but everything comes to an end.

Most of the sheets are used responsibly and up-cycled and most of them are thrown in the trash. There are some sheets which cannot be recycled even if the fabric is organic like cotton, you can make it to repurpose or up-cycle.

The ideas we are going to share will not take much time and most will be done in minutes. Your reuse will give them a brand new life.

Drop Cloth

When you are doing some DIY stuff at home or redecorating something then you can create some other mess by dropping something etc. so you should use a drop cloth on the floor or you can cover the furniture with it. So the other stuff will be protected.

For Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic. Where you can enjoy some time with your family or friends. So if you are on a picnic and the area is a little muddy then no need to invest money on new blankets to sit on. You can use your old sheets and make your clothes mud-free and can enjoy your feast easily.

Give to your pet

If you are going to invest some posh pet’s bed furniture to your pet then I will tell you what they will like more than a posh pet bed is your old bed sheet. You ask why? Then the answer is that they can smell you in it and will be happier than a bed. They will cuddle it and will love it more.

Make an Apron

Now, this is one of the super-easy methods I am going to share with you. It will be very useful for your daily work in the kitchen, so in this way, you can protect your clothes while cooking. You need to cut a hole in the old bed sheet so it should be enough to pass your head through it. Cut the apron according to your height and make it short otherwise it may be dragging and you may fall.

Make Curtains

So if you want to give your living room or bedroom a new look and don’t have a sound investment at this time. Then I am going to tell you the simplest and cheapest way that you have never imagined changing the curtains with the help of old bedsheets. You need some little knotting and your curtains are ready to give your room a new look.

Sleeping bag liner

According to the research of our team vend review, we have got to know that it is very rare that people think sleeping bags are unhygienic. When you are camping somewhere then you lack showers normally. So while camping you face sweat and mud while walking or doing some sort of hike. While getting in our sleeping bags we are not much clean, so it doesn’t feel good and hygienic.

So you should use a sleeping bag liner which acts as a bedsheet between you and mattress and between you and the duvet. You can also make this bag liner with an old bed sheet which is not so tough to make. If you want a strong fabric sheet then you can use microfiber sheets.

Garden protection

Gardening is not an easy thing to do. It needs hard work to get things done properly. It needs care and time. So you won’t like to make your hard work in vain. So in the frosty nights use the old bedsheets to cover your plants in the garden, so they will have a protected layer on them and they will be safe from low temperature.

Cleaning Rags

Do many people think why pay for a cleaning rag? Well yes, you are right. Cleaning rugs is not a thing you would pay for when you can create your own at home for free. So firstly cut your old microfiber sheets into two rectangles and fold the edges and knit them. So your cleaning rag is ready and you can use it where you want. It can be used for other purposes also if you need.

Heating pad

So if you are not feeling well and feeling sore then let’s try a home remedy which will surely help you a lot in your cure. Take your old bed sheet and cut a small size of rectangles of the sheet and knit it. Then pour the rice into it and close its open ends. Now heat the pad in an oven or microwave and your heating pad is ready.


If you are hosting a dinner party then it might get expensive, so if you are going to arrange a dinner party then use tips and tricks which will help you save your money. One of the tricks is to make a name at home for free. You can use your old bedsheets to make napkins. You have to cut the old bed sheet in small rectangles and fold them, then knit the edges. So your napkins are ready! Don’t forget to check the patterns or design to make it according to your theme of the room.


Sometimes we are having extra sheets at home which we are not using so we can use them to make pillowcases. These pillowcases will be used in case you are camping or there is an arrival of some unusual guests. So these extra pillowcases can help in an emergency.


So here are some worthy ideas in which you can use the old bedsheets to make a brand new thing. So in this way you cannot make an excuse to throw the old bedsheets.

By samy