How Astrology is Helpful Regarding Education? Unlock Your True Potential!

Education has always been an important aspect of life since it shapes a person for a better individual. Only with the help of education, one person learns things of the world, earns skills, and thrives on the planet. Even in ancient times, education was the prominent thing that people used to live in Ashram as and Guru kuls for schooling.

The times have changed, getting proper education has become even more important. It is the way to make the world a better place in terms of science as well as socialism. Today therologye are many fields, and the plenty of choices always confuse the students.

Someone follows his passion and someone just follows the herd. Some students don’t even know which subject they should take. Astrology Tamil helps in uncovering all these confusions and guides an individual toward the right field for him.

Every person brings a specific position of the planets, and these planets decide his passion and in which professional he would be most likely to succeed. In astrology every house depicts a different aspect of life, similarly, there are houses for career and education.

Parents who take the guidance of a professional astrologer can find out which profession their child should choose to be successful in this lifetime. Let’s see what each of these houses say-

2nd House

2nd house is all about early childhood and the education one would receive in this stage of life. If there are planets in the 2nd house that are in a weak position, then the person is most likely to suffer in early age education. Some students even have to take a break from their studies at an early age, this happens due to the weak planetary placement in 2nd house. Saturn and Rahu also create complexities in 2nd house.

4th House

A person’s mental ability and the power of grasping is determined by this house. If all the planets are positioned in power, and if the house is in an overall strong position, then the individual gets blessed with good scores. In the opposite case, it becomes tough for the person to score which leads him to failure.

Some students are not that much grasping and they have a restless mind, this all happens when the planets placed are weak.

5th House

A person’s analytical power is defined by this house. A student who has a sharp memory and can easily remember the concepts he has once learned shows that the house’s lord and planets are powerful. This house defines whether or not a person would go for further studies after high school or he would struggle.

9th House

This planet is related to higher education and even beyond bachelors. Jupiter and Mercury are two planets that affect the 9th house, and their placement decides if a person would carry forward after his graduation.

Different houses signify different fields, and by getting the horoscope checked by an astrologer, you get to know which are the most powerful houses. 

For an instance, if someone has a strong 6th house, it means that the person has good chances for clearing Govt. exams such as Bank P.O, and other entrance exams for engineering and medical college.

If someone’s horoscope says a strong 12th house, it means that the person can easily succeed with foreign education and settle down there.

Different Planets and Their Results in Different Professions

Several factors contribute to a person’s profession. But let’s have a look at different planets and in which fields a person may succeed if they are strong:

Sun: Those who have a strong Sun can go for Chemicals, Medicine, Political Science, or Administration.

Moon: Those who have a powerful Moon can go for Under Water Studies, Textiles, Dance & Music, Farming, Water Management, and Hotel Management.

Mars: Mars is related to masculinity, youth, and war. Hence a person is more likely to succeed in Military, Weaponry, Chemicals, and Tool Engineering and Physics.

Jupiter: Those who are born with strong Jupiter should choose Teaching, Preaching, Medical Science, and Gynaecology.

Saturn: Saturn allows you to become better with Excavation, Drilling, Oil Exploration, and Astrology.

Mercury: Someone with good Mercury can go for Printing, Banking, Journalism, Economics, Accountancy, and Mathematics.

Venus: Since Venus is a planet related to arts, a person can go for Acting/Theatre, Music, Films, Fashion Designing, Interior Decoration, Modelling, and Photography.

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