Augmented reality is also known as (AR) applications might sound revolutionary, but customers are catching onto the new trends much more and at a very fast pace than anyone can imagine. About 55 percent of consumers prefer stores that have augmented reality as part of the best experience. Not to mention, 45 percent would pay extra for your products after experiencing it through AR technology. But almost a quarter number of companies don’t even use technology to upsell their products.

The Real Question Is: Is It the Right Time for You to Consider Augmented Reality Mobile App Development for Your Mcommerce Strategy?


Augmented reality is a new technology that virtually places a 3d graphical image into the “real-world”. This allows the user to appearance that the virtual object is co-existing with them in the physical world.

According to a mobile app development company in Dubai, augmented reality is frequently used in gaming, and fetching a more realistic experience for gamers and engaging more senses. But it’s also accommodating in the shopping experience.

Consider it this way: shopping online is restricted to product details and photos. Occasionally, there’s a 360-degree image or video, but that’s not usually specific to a place. Compare that to an augmented reality experience, which helps you see virtual objects such as a hat placed on top of your head or how a table is placed on your kitchen floor.

That’s why some of the brands are incorporating innovative technology into their strategies. Let’s take a look at five of the best-augmented reality mobile applications, based on their high rating system and reviews from consumers.

Following Are the List of Top 5 Augmented Reality Integrated into Mobile Applications:


Houzz is a great platform for home utensils and furniture retailers, Houzz is one of the best-augmented reality apps that is used for designing layouts and planning interior decoration. Mainly a home redecoration and improvement application, Houzz has eCommerce and m-commerce functionality, allowing users to search and buy products within the app.

The “view in my area” feature uses augmented reality technology to place objects into a photo of the user’s home. Just by using 3-dimensional technology, so the final image is lifelike. It also goes as far as displaying what the product might look like in different angles of lighting. Consumers can actually shop for new sofas and beds from their couch.


Ikea place is an alternative to the augmented reality apps for android and iPhone that’s similarly focused on home decoration. The Swedish furniture vendor gives consumers a chance to put their items in their homes. And in addition, there’s no assembly required.

Ikea place looks at a much bigger picture, from utilizing your home’s entire floor to see which product will fit best and where. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop functionality, and there’s another option to see different colors. Almost makes you feel like you’re actually shopping at IKEA.


If the actual world were like giphy world, it would be a lot more imaginative and colorful. This app combines augmented reality and animated gifs, turning pictures and videos into a screenplay for 3-dimensional graphics. It is a lot more like Snapchat and its functionality.

If you are looking to add more swag or class to your social media posts or content, give giphy world a try. Make sure to add graphics and animated elements to pictures to give them extra aptitude for a social viewer.


Surely, Snapchat is a social media platform that is known for its fun effects, younger user base, and self-destructing texts. But did you recognize that it’s also an augmented reality application? Those crazy face filters show how augmented reality actually works.

Different organizations can incorporate Snapchat marketing and its augmented reality features into their strategy. It’s as simple as creating a digital presence among youngsters and also investing in premium filters. Check out how does a mobile app development company in Dubai makes applications like Snapchat and how do they promote you or your business.


Wanna kicks is an iOS-exclusive augmented reality application, which is quite narrow in its goals. It is designed precisely for footwear or specifically sneaker lovers. Wanna kicks put virtual forms of footwear on your feet. So, you can see what they would actually look like if you were wearing them. Plus, it’s 3d structure would help you look at it from any different angle.

Wanna kicks is an AR driven mobile application that allows people to try out its products in real-time through 3d models and realistic visuals.


Augmented reality gives users a new, multi-dimensional way to look into stuff and interact with products before even buying them. This above mentioned list only contains 5 of the top augmented reality mobile applications available. There are thousands of applications that use AR features. Even online shopping is now available through augmented reality eCommerce applications launched by different brands.

One of the most well-known eCommerce development company in Dubai also recommends augmented reality should be involved with eCommerce products. They also state that it will be the exciting year 2021 since everything has gone online now. Ever since the coronavirus took over the planet. They say that this coming year will be stunning, full of innovative, and exceptional AR applications. We see an optimistic future for AR and can’t wait for these new innovative AR apps to change the world.

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