How and Where Students Can Apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship

How and Where Students Can Apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship

To ensure that every deserving child receives premier education, the Global Indian International School offers multiple scholarships. These scholarships recognise the talent and hard work of their students. They give them a platform to showcase their skills without any inhibitions. One of such scholarships is the 9GEMS Scholarship for students.

The 9 GEMS scholarship is designed to award students who showcase the presence of any of the 9 Gems in the national, international or regional space. Students are recognised in the fields of sport, co-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, community service, innovation and entrepreneurship, or who have shown extraordinary leadership skills.


The students are reviewed for scholarship according to their academic performance in the previous two years of their application. The scholarship review committee may also take a test and interview of the applicants to assess their eligibility.  The students who apply for the scholarship also need to be permanent residents of Japan.

The 9 GEMS that the students need to possess to qualify for the scholarship are the following:

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Sports Excellence
  3. Visual and Performing Arts
  4. Personality Development
  5. Innovation and Creativity
  6. Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  7. Universal Values & Ethics
  8. Community & Care
  9. Skill Development

Students of all classes and curriculums are eligible for this scholarship programme.

GIIS has three categories in which it awards the 9GEMS Scholarship:

  1. Category A: Where the Scholarship value is 60% of the tuition fee
  2. Category B: Where the Scholarship value is 40% of the tuition fee
  3. Category C: Where the scholarship value is 20% of the tuition fee

Where to apply for 9GEMS Scholarship?

A student can apply for the scholarship on the Global Indian International School website. You can find the Scholarships tab on the menu bar of the home page. Clicking it will lead you to a page with a comprehensive list of the scholarships that GIIS offers to its students. Find the ‘9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship’ on the page and click it. This will open up another page with the full details of the scholarship programme and the link to its application.

How to apply for 9 GEMS Scholarship?

Step 1:  Application – Open the link to the application form available on the scholarships page of the GIIS Website. 

Step 1A: Documentation – The application form will require you to fill in your and your parents’ personal information including name, Date of birth, residency and citizenship status etc. The form will also ask you to upload documents supporting your application for the scholarship. The documents are as follows:

– Academic records for past two years 

– Certificates, Awards, supporting documents in any of the 9 GEMS category including Sports, Co-Curricular Activity, Performing Arts, etc.

Step 2: Notification – Successful applicants will be notified via email within 10 working days 

Step 3: Scholarship Assessment

Step 4: One to One Interview (If Applicable)

Step 5: Scholarship Selection + Disbursal

This scholarship backs students financially so that they get the deserving platform to achieve their dreams.