How a water filter can help you to save money

It is hard for people living in hard water areas to drink tap water.It is not the healthiest choice for people keeping in mind therange of minerals in the water.This is wherethe water filtration system comes into play.A water filter is a little attachment that can make a big difference.

We are here todiscuss the benefits of a water filter that will allow you to get the best drinking water and also help you save money.

Water filters: A Great Money Saver

Water filters serve as an excellent money saver while providing you with the best quality drinking water. The main reason we purchase bottled water is the appeal of freshness. However, this is just a marketing practice used by water businesses. The good news is, you can enjoy the water with the same freshness as bottled water by investing in a whole house water filter system.

Production of bottled water needs a huge amount of effort and energy and the charges for handling and shipping are also added. When it comes to carbon footprints,it is no surprise that the production of bottled water leads to enhanced carbon footprints.

Comparison of cost between bottled water and water filtration system

Considering an average adult drinks2 liters of water per day so the family of 4 individuals will consume 8 liters of water per day. Let’s suppose if you pay £80 per liter of water that will add up to £2,342/year total cost.

Let’s compare this bottled water price with the cost of a water filter system. A high-quality water filter can be purchased at £189 and the annual maintenance cost will be almost £100 annually.Let’s add the price of tap water as well, that will not considerably increase your water bills. Consider that amount to be £1 that can buy 1000 liters of tap water. So considering this comparison, switching to a water filter system can overall increase your savings.

The cost of bottled water

Many people don’t realize how much they are spending on water bottles during the whole year. Based on the brand choice, the money spent could be anywhere between hundreds to thousands of euros annually.

The worst thing is, no scientific study proved that bottled water is better and healthier than filtered water or normal tap water.

Substituteof bottled water

The most inexpensive option is to simply drink the tap water. But not everyone has access to good quality drinking water. Fortunately, you can save money by using a whole house water filter systemfor drinking water and even for other purposes.

How much will you save with a water filter?

Investing in a water filtration system can help you save money.

Water filtration system for drinking water can cost around €60 to 80 annually for a family of 2 to 4 people in contrast to the average cost of €200 to 400 on bottled water. It means that many people will compensate for the investment from the fourth month.

Moreover, you will save the struggles of purchasing and carrying water bottles to home and handling the recycling of empty bottles. Another benefit is that you will save the earth by not generating more plastic waste of water bottles that increase yourCO2 footprint.

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