How A Good Start Can Help Play At The T Side In CSGO

Starting on the right foot in the csgo match can be a great advantage. Similarly, a small mistake in the default can make you pay. There are so many ways in which you can organize your T side in csgo to make things work out for you and your team. However, how a T side works varies from one team to another, one player to another, and one opponent to another. You can never compare a T side with a CT side. But you can still follow some tips that are universal. There are certain things that are common in every T side. If you are a new csgo player, then this blog will help you know about all the crucial aspects of a T side. So let’s have a look at the guide that includes characteristics and all other information relevant to the csgo T side.

Make a strong foundation:

When you start, you need time to figure out what your enemy is doing, what your enemies aim, how to organize things, and much more. To achieve this goal, you need a great foundation. A strong foundation in csgo is the point and situation in which the players or a team starts a match. So it is significant to discuss with all the members of the team what is the main aim of the team in the default. For example,  maybe your aim can be to find out how many players are there at a certain location or at a certain time, getting control over the free grounds, deciding the plan, find as much utility as you can, and much more.

Buddy system:

The purpose of default is to give you a strong foundation to start but that does not mean that all other plans have reached an end. A good start normally leads to a good end so it is significant to build a good foundation. However default is just a start, you can play your game afterward the way you like and by using the techniques and strategies you are good at. Default is the most suitable time where teammates can help each other and initiate possible trade through the Buddy system. The coordination between the players will help them to stay alive through the default period no matter how strong the enemy is. It is the right time to help and support each other to keep the game on the right track. If you are playing from the T side and do not use the buddy system properly and get killed in the default, then it can be a strong disadvantage to your team.

Start with a different default:

Every team has a leader that leads all the teammates. A good and experienced leader has knowledge that every round will be different from the other. So it is significant that you play in a way that is not predictable by the enemy. Many times teams make a mistake of repeating the same technique and set up that is known to the enemy. Doing this makes them lose the match from the very start. To make it different you can change various aspects of your gameplay for example you can change the tempo and Timing, you can design a unique set up for T side, set different goals for team and teammates, and much more. In simple words, to keep your game not easily predictable, you need to keep your default start different as well. For this purpose, you don’t need to put in more effort, just sit at a place with all your team and teammates and decide how to start. Listen to all ideas proposed by you and your teammate and choose the one that you all collectively think will work in a better way. However while deciding to keep this point in mind that the first default should be easy and simple however, you can go with a complicated one afterward.

Wrapping up:

Putting a lot of effort to reach the master guardian elite? Then maybe you are not focusing on the minor aspects of the game. Playing on the T side can be tough at times but you can easily overcome all the challenges by making a good start. A good does not always mean a one that has a lot of technique and strategy involved, it sometimes means something that the enemy cannot predict. A hidden move is the strongest weapon in csgo that you can use against your enemy. So make sure you give a good start and plan up something with your team that the enemy cannot predict. Doing this will make your journey to win easy and simple. However, all this can vary from team to team so keep the strength and weakness of players in mind while planning.

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