How A Business Directory Influences Search Rankings?

We all have heard of business directories in fact, some of them are used as an example across the country such as the Michigan Business Directory. If you know what a business directory is then you would have a fair idea that it is extremely crucial for any business to add their credentials to the listing of a directory.

However, the real question is what happens if a business is not listed on the directory? Does it affect the overall ranking? Will people be able to find the services? Let’s say a business does not have any presence on any state’s directory, what happens in this scenario? Or what happens to a business when the credentials are incorrect or outdated, or fabricated? 

We will find this out in the article ahead. We will analyse the perks of having your business listed on a credible business directory including some of the severe consequences if the information is misrepresented or fabricated on the online world. Stay tuned.

A Quality Listing on A Directory Enhances the Business Authority

It is highly imperative that a business gets listed on a high-quality business directory. Why? Here are the two main reasons behind it:

  1. It greatly enhances the presence of a business when a search is conducted by multiple folds. More and more people will be able to see your business online on top results.
  2. It also increases the credibility of the business of your business is present on a good directory. Honestly, what more can one ask for other than good credibility?

How does presence on a directory ensure these two benefits?

The real question is that how does a business directory listing ensures that you get all the benefits? A simple answer to this question is that search engines greatly value the listings of high-quality business directories that are properly organized into specific categories instead of in a haphazard manner. So, any business that is listed on such a directory is respected by search engines and appears in the top results when a search is conducted.

At the same time, if a business gets listed on a specific directory catering to a particular niche or category also let’s search engines figure out the exact details of the business, consequently increasing the chances of the business popping up on the top results when a search is conducted. Hence, if a directory is specific and focused, the right customer from a targeted population will be able to access your services or products.

Misrepresentation or fabrication can adversely affect search rankings

Now the other big question that arises is that what happens if a business misrepresents, fabricates, or submits incomplete details of its operations on a directory? If a business does any of these things and does not submit information on specific niches on a directory it simply loses customers. The targeted population will not be able to reach your services or products. Simply because search engines will not be able to pull up your business name on top of the results.

In the worst-case scenario, a business with only a handful of listings will either appear as closed, outdated, or simply not credible. Customers highly rely on search engine’s top results to find top quality products and services so if your business fails to appear in the results shown by the search engine it can greatly influence the customer’s decision to even take a look at your website.

Hence it is important to list all the details of your operations such as business hours, contact number, email address, etc. It only increases your credibility.

All in all, by providing incomplete details a business is pushing away customers even before they decide to visit your store or even the website. To increase your business’s presence online make sure you submit legit, correct, and complete details.

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