Hotstar US Membership & Promo code: SAVE40 2020

When Hotstar was launched in India, there were millions of NRIs who wanted to use Hotstar abroad. Unfortunately, it was unavailable in other countries at the time, due to geographical restrictions of material rights. Some of you may have used VPN services to take Hotstar India overseas. But no VPN is required to watch Hotstar in the US. It is officially available in the US. I am going to share Hotstar US subscription price, its features, Hotstar US promo code: SAVE40 in this post.

Let me know first how much you have to pay to subscribe to Hotstar in the US.

Hotstar US Membership Plan

Hotstar offers its membership on the US monthly and annual basis. The contents of both members are the same. There is no difference in features. The cost of both Hotstar American memberships is as follows: –

Get instant 10% off + $75 worth of freebies including

$10 Amazon Gift card

+ $25 Desi TV

+ $40 mini carvaan

There is no free trial available with these plans. However, you can watch Hotstar Special in the first episode without subscribing to the paid plan. To start a subscription, you must create an account by visiting the official website of Hotstar US. Once you sign and submit your credit card details, you will be charged the subscription price according to your plan. After this, you can start watching Hotstar content online.

If you want to get a membership at a discounted price, you can use the Hotstar US promo code: SAVE40 to get an instant discount of £ 5. Below is a description of all currently active coupon code: SAVE40.

Hotstar US Promo code: SAVE40 2020

Customers can get an instant discount of £ 5 on the Hotstar US Membership Annual Plan and get additional benefits with each Hotstar coupon code: SAVE40. Additional benefits are indicated against each discount code: SAVE40.

You will need to submit your registered email address to receive additional benefits. To submit your registered email address, click here. Use the promo code: SAVE40 below to avail this offer.

The above promo code: SAVE40 is only valid in the US.

This coupon code: SAVE40 will only work on annual subscriptions. There is no Hotstar coupon code USA: SAVE40 for the monthly subscription plan.

If you currently have a monthly subscription plan, you can get a discount when upgrading to an annual membership using the coupon given above. These Hotstars also work in coupon upgrades.

All customers using this code: SAVE40 will receive a £ 5 discount. Additional benefits of the offer will be sent only to customers who submit their registered email address.

Additional benefits will be sent to the email address submitted within a week of membership.

You can apply this coupon while applying for its membership. You will find a coupon tab on the payment page. Click on it and enter the promo code: SAVE40. After this, this coupon will be applied and you will be charged £ 44.99 for a year after a £ 5 discount. However, this price does not include tax. Therefore, you will have to pay taxes in addition to this membership.

What do you get in subscription

With a subscription to Hotstar, you will get streaming on two screens at once.

Access to 24 live TV channels, including film, sports, entertainment and news channels.

Thousands of hours of video-on-demand content. You can watch the most popular Indian TV shows like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Krishna Leela and many more. Additionally, Hotstar has access to exclusive web series, sports match highlights and a complete library of Hindi as well as English films.

Hotstar offers you entertainment and sports packages in a single subscription. Hotstar covers most of the events of Indian sports and you can watch all the matches live on Hotstar app. You will also have access to Star Sports channels for sports matches.

One of the best features of Hotstar is its local content. It provides you with digital content in 7 Indian languages. You can watch local TV shows in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, English, Kannada and Bengali.

You can watch Hotstar in the US on many devices. It is available as an Android app, iOS app, web browser, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, FireTV stick, and Samsung TV. This means that you can watch content at any time on any device without any restrictions.

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