Home Accessory trends for 2020

2020 has been a year full of new and unique trends in interior designing; people have worked on various new strategies and trends and made their spaces look fascinating enough to inspire everyone. Everyone now wants to create and transform their living spaces in a way that goes off well with the changing trends and set an example that inspires everyone visiting their homes. We understand how important home décor items are for any place and the power they hold to transform your place, for this reason, we have jotted down some of the home accessories from the expert’s design trends that have remained the most popular in 2020.

Gallery Walls:

Have you heard of this on-going trend in 2020? Well, if not then let us tell you. Gallery walls are basically photographs, quotations, paintings, creativity, and stuff like that which is arranged beautifully on the walls using photo frames. Isn’t that interesting? You can create a multi-tonal gallery wall for your living room or bedroom using colour tones in contrast with the overall room.

French Antiques:

French antiques have become the latest trend of 2020 and now more people have started choosing French antique pieces for their homes. They are a great option to incorporate with neutral colour tones and certainly make your space look vintage and timeless. If you want to create a home space that has a classic appeal to it, make sure you incorporate French antiques.

Drink Carts:

Drink carts have become another home accessory trend of 2020, and now more people have started using these carts to display their favourite drinks. You can also call it a revolving bar and it is not just functional but also makes a beautiful accessory piece. You can choose the cart according to your interiors, they are available in various materials to like; marble, gold, copper and so on. Make sure to decorate it with glasses and flowers to make it more appealing.

Farmhouse Furniture:

The year 2020 has been all about vintage trends, and one of them is farmhouse furniture. This home accessory idea is great for people who want to create a timeless and vintage space. To create an ideal vintage space incorporate furnishings made of wood or wicker rattan, pair it up with rugged textiles and antique French lighting fixtures.

Curvaceous Sofas:

Another trendy home accessory of 2020 is definitely going to be uniquely designed curvaceous sofas. They are a must-have pick for any home space in 2020; they are not only very attractive but are also quite welcoming and great pieces to incorporate in your homes. There are various materials and colour tones present in these sofas and you can choose whatever fits well with the overall theme of your home.

Hoop Art: Sounds familiar? We are sure you must have seen these on Instagram, well hoop art has become the latest home accessory of 2020 and is certainly a great piece to incorporate on your walls. You can create and embroider designs that you love on fabrics and hang them on any wall of your home.

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