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Are you wondering how to listen to someone calls remotely and in a discreet mode? If yes, then this article worth your time. It is the only way through which you can remotely monitor the person if he or she is loyal to or not. Furthermore, you can see every information about the target person that what he is planning. 

Remote call recorder 

Hidden call recorder is the Android spy app which is to track the target person in a hidden mode. Furthermore, you can discreetly listen to all the recordings online in no time. Hence, you only need to install the spy app into the target app and then record all the happenings around the Target cell phone. 

What can you do with Hidden recorder app? 

  • You can spy and record calls from both sides         
  • All you need the one-time installation into the target cell phone
  • Captures all those calls without letting anyone know
  • Also, know about the duration of the calls
  • Monitor all the emails and record calls whenever it is required
  • You will not list any sort of media player and monitor calls remotely
  • Get all the alerts that you want to know
  • 24/7 customers’ service

How to use a hidden call recorder?

Install the app into either your cell phone or into the target person. If it is the target to whom you wish to know that you must need the 2 mins to install the application into the target cell phone. 

Also, you can make the icon hidden if you want. After that you need to register yourself with the MocoSpy hidden call recorder spy app

Check settings to enable the hidden call recorder, and one can also pull files from the servers. After that, you do not need to hide the icon as well. You can log in to the spy app and then start recordings of the calls. 

Furthermore, you can receive mail with the help of a call recorder from your cell phone at any time with the other party number. Also, it will start the recorder automatically. 

Unhide the app icon 

When you want to unhide the icon, then you find the icon of that as well. 

How to record the calls and listen to them remotely?

For this purpose, you must install the app into the target cell phone and then you need to upload it into the server. Furthermore, you can listen and login to call you to wish to listen online. Also, there are several hidden call recorders available online. 

Hence, MocoSpy is also one such app to listen to the recorder remotely. 

Moreover, you need to record the app into the target cell phone and listen to know what is happening into the lives of the target person. 

More about MocoSpy hidden call recorder 

MocoSpy is the Android spy app which will let you record the target’s cell phone call remotely with the icon displayed onto the screen. Furthermore, you can download the app from the App list setting. 

Also, such applications have a great significance as parental control settings or employee monitoring apps. 

  • Parental control app

MocoSpy is the lucrative option for all the parents who want to know what is happening with their kids. With the help of all its feature hidden call recorders, one can understand what is happening with their kids by discreetly listening to their calls. 

  • Employee monitoring 

It is the other benefit of the hidden call recorder with the help of this feature you can know what the employees are planning to do. Furthermore, they will also know if some disloyal employees are planning to cheat on them. 


All in all, MocoSpy is the ideal hidden call recorder feature that will let you monitor whatever is happening into the target cell phone. 

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