Here is The list of some fully automatic Washing Machines Which is Good for a Small Family?

Washing machines come in various sizes and styles to suit different needs. We have top loaders and front loaders, fully automatic, semi-automatic, and many more options. Washing machines have different capacities and the capacity to choose depends on your weekly laundry load. For a small family, a 6 to 8kg washing machine should be ideal. It won’t occupy a world of space, comes packed with features, and is fully automatic. Today we list for you four fully automatic washing machines that are ideal for a small family.

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This front-loading washing machine has a capacity of 7kgs which is ideal for a small family with 3 to 4 members. The washing machine has a drying speed of 1200 RPM. The higher spin speed results in faster drying time. The machine also has an LED display giving you information like the amount of time left in the cycle. The washing machine works with low water pressure which means you don’t need to have the water on in full force to ensure the machine works. You can buy a Bosch washing machine online during this lockdown at and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine

This top-loading washing machine from Samsung occupies less space and is compact. It has a capacity of 6.2 kg, which is ideal for a small family or a couple. The lid of the washing machine is made of tempered glass giving you durability and a window into your clothes being washed. The machine also has a filter to trap lint, fluff, and particles that come out of clothes. The filter is easy to remove and clean.

IFB 7 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine:

It is a fully front-loaded and automatic washing machine. The mode of operating the machine is quite easy and simple. It can be done by anyone and at any point in time. It comes with Ball valve technology. Moreover, it runs on a 2D washing system. In short, it can take ample care of the clothes and that in a simple way.

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This top-loading fully automatic machine from LG has a capacity of 6.2 kg and is ideal for a small family or a couple. The machine comes with a turbo drum for a powerful wash and claims to remove tough stains. The washing machine can also be connected to LG’s SmartThinQ app to diagnose any problems a user may face with the machine. The machine also has an auto-restart function picking up right where it left off, in case the lights go out. 

Whirlpool 7 Kg fully automatic washing machine with top loading

This is the best fully automatic washing machine in India which has the good capacity with top loading from the whirlpool. It has a strong motor with an RPM of 740 which can soak the water faster and make the clothes dry it. Whirlpool provides the best services network of after-sales and this washing machine with the two years of warranty on the entire product and 10 years on the motor.

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