Here Are 10 Useful Tips To Make Your Tender Proposal Stand Out

Whether you’re an upcoming or established business, it’s no secret that the competition for winning new contracts is tough. When there are several other businesses offering what you’re promising, it’s imperative to make your bid stand out. In this post, we’re sharing some tips to help you draft a tender proposal that distinguishes your business from the competition. Take a look.

Answer Everything

Every tender has a set of questions that need to be answered by bidders. Start by ensuring that you understand the questions. Misunderstanding the questions is a mistake you cannot afford. Next, make sure you answer every single question. 

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Tender proposals are a document to showcase your capabilities and impress prospective clients with your achievements. So why are you being modest? Rather than underselling your organisation or assuming the buyers probably have heard about you, use a tender proposal to show them what you have to offer. 

It’s also important to note that there is a fine line between expressing your USP and boasting. Make sure you don’t end up sounding arrogant.

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Follow The Format Or Template

A format or template makes evaluation easier for evaluators. If you overlook such a template, you’ll make things that much harder for the review panel. So if the prospective client has specified a format or template, make sure you follow it when drafting your proposal.

Keep The Word Limit In Mind

The specified word limit is there for a reason. The evaluator has limited time on their hands, and they won’t appreciate a tender proposal that exceeds the word limit. Therefore, try to keep your tender proposal succinct. 

That being said, don’t underutilise the word limit. If a section has a word limit of 150 words, then don’t waste this opportunity by writing only 50 words. 

Align With Prospect’s Objectives

In addition to looking at resources and capabilities, evaluators are also searching for a bidder who best aligns with their objectives. Taking advantage of this opportunity is something that can help you stay ahead of the curve. When you’re writing a tender proposal, show how your organisation matches the buyer’s ethos.

Don’t Underestimate The Value Of A Presentation

The visual presentation of your document and formatting tools play a significant role in enhancing the document’s readability. Use the right fonts, colours, margins and so on to make your tender proposal easy to read. 

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Support Your Claims

Just listing your achievements and successful projects is not enough to make your organisation shine. Include authentic evidence, credible testimonials and other reliable data to support your claims. 

Remember To Proofread

Grammatical errors may not seem like a big deal, but they can adversely impact your impression on the buyer. You should ask your team members to proofread the document before submitting it.  You can also use editing software to make sure your document is free from typos.

Include Visual Media

Some concepts can be difficult to explain in words. You can communicate information more effectively by using illustrations, graphs, diagrams and so on. Visual media not only improves comprehensibility but also makes the document more engaging. 

Respect The Deadline

This goes without saying, but the deadline is provided for a reason. Never wait till the last minute to submit your tender proposal. If you miss the deadline, it’s highly unlikely that your proposal will be accepted and you will be out of the race. 

Final Words

You’ve done most of the hard work by building and running a capable organisation. Don’t let all of this go to waste because of a poorly-writing tender proposal. If you lack the skills or resources, it would be best to consult experienced tender writing professional.

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