Best 5 Marketing Ideas For Your Handyman Business In 2021

Marketing is vital for any kind of business. It is like informing people about your business, the services, or the product you offer. We have spent most of our time at our houses this year. This coronavirus pandemic taught us that home is not just a place to have meals and sleep. It has become your workplace, the place where children learn, the place where you spend your time. So, the demand for the handyman business is increasing. It is a vital time to market how to start a handyman business and get more customers. This can be a booming time for your business. 

Top Marketing Ideas For Handyman Business

Earlier, we have said how important it is to do proper marketing. Here are the top best 5 marketing ideas for your handyman business that you can use in 2021. 

#1 Build an online presence

Online marketing is the best way of marketing nowadays. While you are offering your services, you may be asked whether you have any online presence or not. People spend 30% of their time on the internet. We always opt for Google search whenever we want anything. 

This is the same for the handyman business as well. Build a website or a single page initially, with all the services you offer and your contact details. Gradually you can work with it and make it better and better. 

Social media is another way. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are the center of today’s generation’s interest. But making a social media account means you have to stay active there. 

So, first, start with a Facebook account. This way, you can handle the profile properly rather than having multiple social media appearances. Always check your messages and inbox regularly. It does not matter what medium you have chosen. It is the most important to grow your business. 

#2 Use your track and t-shirts

We have come across cars or tracks that have a company name with their contact details. Maybe that is an interior designing firm. Whatever transport you use for your Courier Business, whether it is a car or a track, paint your Business Name on it with your contact details. Wear t-shirts with your company’s name or logo and ask your helpers and workers to do the same. This is another way to attract people’s attraction and do marketing. 

#3 Use Newsletters to retain customers

This may sound a little old-fashioned, but it is an effective one. Retaining your existing customer is a tough job. Most of the well-established companies use this newsletter. Send an email with monthly or quarterly updates. This can include service updates, seasonal deals, or tips as well. In this competitive world, a newsletter is necessary. This reflects your care about your present customer’s services. Also, update the content on your page or make a social media post.

#4 Networking

For a successful business, you always need to increase the number of clients. Networking plays a huge role in this process. Attend local events or social gatherings, where you get access to tell people about your business and the services that you provide. Opt for those events that will have the most number of people from your targeted group. You also can partner with a local business. This way, you get access to the clients that your partner has. And you can offer services to those clients and make them your clients as well. Partnering with a property management company or rental owners will be the right choice. A handyman business is interrelated with selling and renting houses. 

#5 Widen your service

There are a lot of handymen that are too niche-oriented, they are experts in one particular niche, and they want to stick to that. For example, some are too good in electrical wiring while some do the plumbing work with the most perfection. But there are customers who want all the work to be done by only one. So, think about broadening your area of expertise and be versatile. So that whenever a client approaches you, he gets all sorts of handyman’s work done and no need to search for other people to do the rest. 


In order to grow your business, you can not keep offering services to only your friends and family. You have to grow your business. Make sure all the people that you know are aware of your business and have a thorough knowledge of the services that you offer. 

Pamphlets are also a good idea. Offer discount coupons with your services and construct details. Print a bunch of business cards and distribute them to your neighborhood. 

Ask your customer to give a review or feedback on social media. Almost all of us check the review section first when you are going for a service or product that we have found online. A useful review will always give you access to more customers. 

Most of the people opt for handyman services for their personal spaces, such as their offices and homes. So, it is customary to demand the best work. They always search for dependable and trustworthy people. A certification will help you here. Your certification will speak for you that you are experienced in this field.

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