Hainan Airlines Baggage Policy

The hainan airline’s baggage policy provides a broad range of services to meet the needs of frequent travelers, or just someone flying in for the purpose of traveling.

This policy is designed to be inclusive of items that are hazardous to the environment and/or to the individual such as corrosives, explosives, aerosols, toxic chemicals, pesticides, hazardous drugs, radioactive material, animal fur, body fluids, urine, blood, bodily fluids, dangerous medical equipment, machine parts, pesticides, harmful medications, controlled substances, poisonous animal products, and alcoholic beverages.

It also includes special services not provided by any other airline and is designed to meet the needs of a traveler at the most affordable price. Many of these services include luggage tags.

The following are descriptions of the types of baggage that may be carried on each flight.

Allowance baggage:

This type of baggage is allowed on all flights but is subject to limitations and restrictions under the policy. Passengers will need to show proof of a valid passport or visa when processing this type of baggage. This policy only allows a carry-on-large bag.

Other limitations include the weight of the bag and its size as well as the quantity of checked luggage that can be carried. This type of hainan airline’s baggage policy does not apply to checked bags that are owned by U.S. citizens or green card holders. If you are a green card holder and you have an eligible international airline card, you can purchase an additional baggage allowance that can be used for checked luggage only.

Special cases: 

Only a few carriers provide this service. These are bags that are available for check-in only. They cannot be carried on board and must be purchased for travel. Examples are suites, private cars and charter boats.

In the case passengers have an emergency situation or another situation where they need additional space for boarding or checking in, passengers must purchase an extra case for travel.

Seat directly in the cabin:

If a passenger has to sit in the cargo hold or baggage compartment and there is not a seat directly beside them, they must sit in their own seat. There is no allowance for stowing a bag outside the cabin if one cannot sit directly in front of a seat. In the event that a bag becomes damaged or lost, a replacement bag will have to be purchased.

There are also a few specific situations where a passenger can check in their bag and then take it outside the cabin and wait for it to be replaced.

No bags/personal items larger than 15 inches | items | must} No pets: Pets are considered as traveling accessories and therefore cannot be stowed under the seats.

This includes lizards, snakes, rats and birds. Only small animals (with a maximum weight limit of forty pounds) may be placed in the luggage compartment or checked in with a special handler. This hainan airline’s baggage policy also includes electronic items.

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