A Guide to Shop for the Best Underwear For men In 2020

The underwear is probably the most important part of your wardrobe. Yet, so little consideration goes into picking one that’s just perfect. Most men do not consider it important and just chooses anything that comes their way. There’s a feeling that big pouch underwear will be hidden from the eyes of a prying world and therefore, what’s the big deal about it?

In reality, it is a trivial decision. When it comes to menswear, the underwear dictates how you feel throughout the day. It is one piece of clothing that is going to remain very close to your skin, all day! If you fail to make the right choice, it can be extremely annoying. From feeling uncomfortable to facing problems associated with excessive sweating, itching, redness or skin infections, problems can abound.

To make your underwear choice easier, here’s a quick guide that will help you to select the best underwear in the market.

Check the Fit

The first and foremost rule of buying men’s underwear is to buy the right-sized underwear. If it is a smaller size, the seams and waistband will be extremely tight and will make you feel uncomfortable. Similarly, larger size underwear will be loose and you’ll be left pulling it up throughout the day. Therefore, it is best not to experiment with your underwear. Try to pick one that offers a perfect fit.

Choose Comfortable Fabric

The fabric of your underwear determines your comfort. Nowadays, underwear is mostly made with breathable and lightweight material. Cotton underwear is the best choice because the fabric allows easy movement of air and keeps your intimate areas dry. You can also choose underwear made with cotton blends, spandex, or lycra depending on your activities in a day. If you have an active lifestyle or going to the gym, spandex or lycra underwear is ideal.

Different Styles

Briefs, boxers, commandos and activewear in different designs are available. Depending on your choice of clothes and the kind of activity you indulge in, choose your underwear. For example, if you are retiring for the day, change into a pair of boxers. On the contrary, if you have chosen a formal pant, think about changing into briefs. If you want to experiment with color, do not limit yourself.

Men’s fashion has morphed exponentially over the years and you no longer have to confine yourself to checks, stripes, or solid colors. There’s plenty of choices and you can always pick a design and color that matches your personality. It is also a great idea to get underwear with your favorite superhero or cartoon characters.

Pouch Designs

Some underwear brands have a pouched design. It offers both support and isolation. It averts skin to skin contact and prevents chafing. One of the biggest advantages of these varieties is the effortless comfort it offers. Its unique design helps men of all ages to carry on daily activities without any hassle. So, if you haven’t tried it till now, go ahead and give it a try.


Most men have fierce loyalties towards certain brands. There’s no harm if you want to try a particular underwear brand. But, it is always better to keep an open mind. Try some options and get a look and feel of some other styles that you have not tried so far. It might just give you the perfect fit or style.

Guys, it’s time to change your style. Stock up your supply of underwear and do not hesitate to experiment with colors, designs or fabrics. All you need to keep in mind is your comfort. The rest can be worked out easily.

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