Guide To Building An Online Reputation

For years now, many have noticed that quite a few people are making a name for themselves via the world of the internet. From teenagers developing success with viral videos on services like YouTube to older generations achieving full-time income blogging, the internet has quickly become a vital tool for those seeking renown. 

During my random web surfing, I noticed that tons of people are trying to duplicate that which has brought a few to the popularity and mass wealth. But is there success in being a gimmick? I’d have to say no.

I’m writing this particular article to encourage readers to be creative, fresh, and prosperous. There are solid ways to increase your presence online, and I’m going to share a few with you.

First off, let’s take a few basic, but CRUCIAL, keys to building a strong online reputation.

These are:

  • Being Original
  • Being Creative
  • Being Consistent
  • Being Timely

These four points are probably the best rules of thumb to live by online.

Let’s look at each one in more depth.

Being Original

This is by far the essential point of them all. If you don’t remember anything else, remember this.

Being original, or unique, is crucial to success and viewer/reader interest. Most people know what they are looking for by the time they click your link and if they land on your site and see any cookie-cutter content they have seen before, you can bet they’re going to make use of their web browser’s back button!

Before you write a post or article, upload a video, or publicize a photo, go ahead and do a search on the topic it’s related to. Visit the links presented on the first page of the results and see if your content is pretty similar. If it is, go back and edit it and see if you can present it in a unique fashion that you didn’t see within these results.

You can also take help from content marketing firm to get more informative knowledge about wring an original content for your audience.

This leads perfectly into my next point:

Being Creative

Ok, you have your topic or basic content picked out, now what? Jazz it up by BEING CREATIVE.

As I mentioned before, analyze search results on content relevant to your own. Look at how it’s presented, the mood it sets for you, even how the graphical or textual content is placed. These may seem like small details to pay attention to, but I promise you they all matter. The content placement has a lot to do with the way your readers view your page.

Now that you’ve broken down the content thinks of ways that you can present yours entirely differently. Ask a friend or relative to review it. See if they feel it’s attractive and inviting.

On a side note, don’t tell your friends or relatives that the content you’re showing them is yours! You’ll get a much more honest response when they aren’t looking at it in your favor. 

Being Consistent

This is another major point to follow. When I first started out blogging and writing articles, I fell short in this aspect, and this is a lesson I quickly learned and prospered from.

You can post one video or article and get lucky and receive thousands of hits on it, but eventually, that initial fame will die down. To keep an audience online, you have to produce quality, relevant content consistently.

For bloggers, this generally means posting articles three to four times a week, sometimes more.

For producers of viral videos or podcasts, it can be once or twice a week to keep readers/viewers coming back for more.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t do this in my beginning stages of blogging. Now that I am, I have increased my readership by more than five times. That’s a significant jump for just making a simple change and updating more often.

Consistency is powerful.

Finally, my last point to building an online reputation:

Being Timely

Being timely is something that will have your readers/viewers drooling, waiting for your next post or submission.

What does it mean to be timely?

Being timely means being one of the first to produce content on a particular subject within your niche.

This isn’t an easy task, of course. It requires time and effort. One thing I’ve found to be very helpful in this is to keep up with current news that is relevant to your niche or topic.

So if you write a blog about dancing, keep up with “hot,” relevant news such as who the current top dancers in the t.v. Series “So You Think You Can Dance” is. Being one of the first to present breaking or current news in your niche can drastically improve your website traffic and get your name to places you can’t even imagine!



Well, that’s all I have to write about this subject for now. I hope you will take this information and run with it. I’m personally sick of going through several websites that contain the same content!

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