Guide on role of in the Netgear device’s setup

This site will guide you with the role of in the Netgear device’s setup. Apart from that, here you can find complete information about the setup and configuration of Netgear networking devices using What’s more? Our 24 by 7 customer support always there by your side for immediate assistance, no matter where you are.

We all have experienced this – long painful wait of video buffering and getting no signals in some regions of your premise. This happens due to poor signal transmission rate of the router. However, you can thankfully go for a Netgear wireless extender or booster. Just set up the wireless extender using login and get rid of such issues, once and for all.

There are two common ways with which you can set up your Netgear wireless extender. One is the traditional WPS – Wireless Protected Setup, which is the quickest. And other is the manual setup using mywifiext or

In the layman language, you can describe setup as the local web address to get to the Netgear smart wizard for the initial setup of your wireless extender. Not only this web address is used for the setup, but also for making any changes to the Extender’s network. However, you must be aware of the fact that mywifiext.local only works for Netgear Extender Setup, not for other extenders.

How To Execute Netgear Extender Setup?

With the Netgear extender setup, bygone are the days when you have to suffer Wi-Fi dead zones in your house or workplace. The wireless extenders boost up your existing wireless signals. Basically it receives, amplifies and sends back the wireless signals which extend the coverage area of the wireless network. So if you are one of those striving for eliminating various network connectivity issues, extender is the device you need.

Setting up the wireless extender can be done in two ways. The quickest remarked is WPS setup in which you have to press the WPS button on both – router and extender simultaneously. The extender is setup and ready to use after you see the solid green lights. However, in some routers either the WPS functionality is disabled or WPS button is not present on the extender. For these routers, is deemed for the extender setup.

Users just have to visit this web address and have to provide their credentials. These credentials are the username and the password that are mentioned in the user manual of your extender. Further the Netgear Genie Setup wizard will guide you with step by step on-screen instructions to configure and setup your extender.

Most of us have this one common doubt – Are the Wi-Fi booster, repeater and the extender the same devices?

The Wi-Fi booster , repeater or Extender – all are the same devices and are used to improvise the Wi-Fi connectivity. Each of them works to increase the wireless network range, however there working criteria may vary. Some extenders work as both – booster and the extender while some routers can also be used as a wireless extender. Different signal boosters or the extenders have their individual range of repeating and amplifying the wireless signals of the router. When choosing a gadget, the decision will depend upon your requirements.

Note: If you’re unable to get hold of the setup portal i.e. mywifiext, you can also try using However, it’s recommended to try the above tips first. Further you can connect with experts at anytime, anywhere

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