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To be very honest, when you receive a plain brown cardboard box at your door, does it bring any excitement to you? Maybe not. That’s because the box doesn’t represent anything. Yes, at one point you might be concerned about what is inside the box or have you received the order you made a few days ago. But does that box help in any way making you remember the brand? No.

Improving and maintaining your product quality is an obvious way of giving the customer a good experience. It indeed makes you show your brand’s value and quality to your customer. But that is not the all, you must have good marketing strategies to capture the minds of your customer and make them remember you and reorder from you. In this respect, custom printed packaging boxes play a significant role. You can use them in various ways to enhance your brand’s value in the opinion of the customers thus growing your business.

Let Us See 10 Successful Ways Of Growing Your Business Through Custom Boxes:

Repeat Print

It is one of the most successful marketing techniques that the companies opt for. You can have your signature print done all over the cardboard before it is folded into the box shape. That way, you will have your print all over the box thus giving your customer the experience of enjoying it all over the packing.

Another way of using it efficiently is to put it inside the box. The customer can receive the plain boring brown box but when they open it, they will have the amazing worth sharing unboxing experience with the print inside.


If you are to ship plenty of stuff to another place and you need a quick solution to brand those boxes, the custom tape is your best option. You can easily have them made on order and put on all the boxes. It will even turn the simple box into branded one. It is very easy to use and order.

Registered Print

The registered print is added on the box after it is cut into different shapes, it shows the specific branding logo or character or anything on a specific location on all the boxes. It makes it a signature location for your brand. You can even write a message on this part. In any way, the customer will get used to it and look for it every time they receive an order from you.

Opening Experience

The prettiest thing about custom boxes is that they make the customer do some struggle to get their desired product. The more beautiful and entertaining that struggle will be, the more they will like you. Now, the unboxing experience makes the whole receiving process unique. Uniquely folded boxes make the customer wonder about how to open them and while they open them, in interests them and make them love the experience. Every company should offer some unboxing experience to their customer no matter how small or big the product is.

Fitted Boxes

There is nothing more satisfying than the product being fitted perfectly in a box. Not only it feels good, but you also send a message to your customer that you care about sustainability, efficient packaging, and respect and value their time by not sending them junk that they will have to throw out. Fitted boxes are one of the most elegant and efficient ways of using custom boxes.

Brand Logo

Do you want to grow your business? You must make your customers and the people who happened to take a look at your delivery box, aware of your brand’s logo. If you put your brand’s logo outside the box, it will do the marketing for you where it goes. Just like Amazon, when you receive their box, you know you have something interesting waiting inside.


A quick message does a lot when you want to interact with your customer and make it more personalized. Customers feel really good when they see the brands caring about them. You can have plenty of templates printed on cards to send them with each box or you can send handwritten notes. Either way, this creates a very good image of the company.

Signature Color

Choose a color or the combination of colors for your brand and make your boxes printed in that. The color tells the customer a lot about you. When all your custom boxes have the same color that belongs to your brand, your brand becomes easily recognizable.

Surprise Gift

Now, who doesn’t like surprises? Depending on your budget you can add a little thank you gift inside your box to make your customer happy and entertained. Everyone likes the person who sends them gifts. In this case, that person is the brand. Customer will definitely love the brand and share their experience with their friends.

Re-Order Details

If you want to make it easy for your customer to order again, just put the necessary information on the custom printed boxes. You can give information about other products, your company, instructions on how to order again, website URLs, and just any information that might help in re-ordering. The easier they find to order new stuff, the more they are likely to order again.

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