Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef – Australian tour

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Australia is famous for its beaches and natural wonders around the world. One such place is the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest reef. Many of us would have visited numerous beach destinations around the world, but nothing can be compared to the beautiful and aquatic surprise you experience at this reef. The UNESCO World Heritage site as around 2,900 separate reefs along with 800 different islands. This nature marvel locates in the coastal line of Queensland in the Coral Sea.

The Colorful coral reef has many adventure activities for the enthusiastic tourist based on their comfort level. Moreover, here activities can be performed at different levels from budget prices to luxurious prices. This place is a masterpiece of nature’s works here one can indulge themselves in different aquatic actives.

For the enthusiastic and adventurous people- snorkel, Scuba Diving. Other actives include swimming with the aquatic animals, helicopter ride. If you are not into any of these, then you can set for a sail in the colorful reefs. On the other hand, if you are into both the lush greenery and aquatic life then go for the trek trails in the Daintree Rain forest.

Best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef

To have a great vacation visiting the places during the favorable season is important. So the best time to visit this great barrier reef is from June to October months as there will be less rainfall during these months. Tourist can happily dive into the coral waters and enjoy the aquatic exploration. To have a memorable tour stay at the island resort and enjoy your stay.

Things to do at Great Barrier Reef

Cruise Michaelmas Cay 

The wonderful cruise that sails from the cairns and Michaelmas cay. Here one can dive in to the aquatic magic for snorkel and swimming. Along with the colorful fishes and the sea turtles. Beside this another one can simply lie down and enjoy the vibrant colors of fishes from the glass surface of the boat. In fact, it is popular for sea birds. While travelling in the cruise one can see 23 different species of sea birds.

Seaplane over Heart Reef

Want to surprise your love one’s or planning on a romantic proposal? If yes, then definitely you should take this ride. Here the coral reef natural formed in the shape of heart surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise waters, One of the best actives which you should never miss.

Cruise the Agincourt Reef

One of the famous divers and snorkelers destination with 16 different variety of diving sites. Tourist who are passionate about diving and snorkeling are taken through cruise till the ribbon reef that locates in the edge of the great barrier reef. Here they can either go for snorkeling and diving. Besides this, another exciting activity here is underwater walking in the sea.

Sail or skydive the Whitsundays

Have you ever dreamed of staying on the shore of the scheduled island by the sunset with your partner along with the moonlight? Butterfly, Blue Pearl, and Hook Island bays make your dream come infact here, you can go for swimming, diving, snorkeling and so on. Besides this visit the Whitsundays island which as the amazing white sand beaches famous for  the most exciting activity at the island skydiving.

Trek the Thorsborne Trail

A pristine trail in the Hinchinbrook Island east coast. The Thorsborne Trail has a tropical cloud-cloaked mountain along with the untouched beaches and the forest. One can enjoy themselves in the wildness by encounter wild animals. However, one have to book in advance for the permit to stay in the camping area. You may be wondering how to reach this beautiful island. One can reach it through ferry or the water taxi from the Cardwell or Lucinda towns.


Plan a trip to Australia, the world’s largest coral reef to have a memorable vacation by diving and snorkeling in the water full of colorful aquatic fish. Along with some nature trails to relax oneself by escaping into nature at the Great Barrier Reef at the Australian Coastline.

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