Google Alerts vs Awario – Which One Is Better For Online Reputation Management?

Google Alerts vs Awario – Which One Is Better For Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management has a key role to play in digital business. Any business looking for multiple business opportunities and heavy conversions never forget to implement this strategy. However, when it comes to different tools that can leverage the reputation management process, people face a dilemma.

Here, in this article, we have decided to highlight the two most popular and handy ORM tools – Google Alerts and Awario. Both tools are designed with multiple pros and cons. By preparing the comparison between them, you can easily decide which one would be better fitting the needs.

Before you head on to hire services from an online reputation management agency, give 5 minutes to read through the article.  

Comparison between Google Alerts and Awario based on the following features

1. Interfaces: Going closer to Awario and Google Alerts, you will witness that the interfaces are quite different. Concerning its user-friendly nature, both the interfaces are easy to grab the attention. But if you come across the feed, Awario has separate columns, unlike the Google Alerts.

 The feed designed for Google Alerts remains loaded with the list of mentions found over the web. Whereas, the feed of Awario is separated from the preview section, author card, sidebar, making it easier for the users to switch between alerts, reports, profiles, and dashboard.

Therefore, in terms of interfaces, Awario wins while Google Alerts fails to cherish all the needs of the users.  

2. Comprehensive Features: Coming to a comprehensive range of features. Awario offers a pack of features to awe the marketers. From monitoring mentions to building reports, sentiment analysis, and social media monitoring, the tool is a complete partner for managing a brand’s reputation online.

Some important features include in-app interactions, historical data, language filter, real-time mention search, and email notifications.

Google Alerts, on the other hand, is only good for monitoring mentions. If you are looking for other options in this tool, then sorry to say you will have to leave empty-handed.

Both Awario and Google Alerts can be used to set alert and get notifications whenever a new mention is added online. However, the only difference is, with Awario, the email notifications will be sent only to the address you have used while signing up. Whereas, Google Alerts allows users to switch between different email addresses as per your requirement.

3. Value for money: Google Alerts make a great comeback when you talk about pricing. Although the tool is devoid of multiple features, it never pinches the pocket of the users. It is absolutely free, thus being a partner for small and medium-sized businesses.

Awario, on the other hand, offers a 14-day free trial plan. Later on, you can select any one of the three subscription plans or even create a customized plan as per your need.

Such differences in money compel the users to think twice – which one to prefer.

4. Performance report: In terms of performance, we will give 5 stars to Awario. The reason behind this is its amazing features. In the previous section, we have learned that the tool offers a complete package of online reputation management features. Isn’t this conclude the effectiveness of the tool?

Even the studies where the performance rates are measured have shown that Awario delivers more number of mentions in comparison with Google Alerts. In one day, it can generate 150000 mentions and more. While Google Alerts shows only 73 mentions in total.

5. Accessibility: Google Alerts is simple and easy to access. Any marketer with basic knowledge of online reputation management can make use of this tool and get the leverage.

 However, with Awario, you have to go through the tool and its features first, learn about it in detail, and then make use of it.

 Google Alerts is noted for its simplicity and high accessibility. With this, you can easily track your mentions, your brand name, and search for the hottest and trending topics related to your brand. Whereas, Awario gives you a complex route to perform all your job.

Therefore, if you want something that you can use it easily without any help from an expert, you must prefer Google Alerts instead of choosing the tiring Awario.

Which one is better – Google Alerts or Awario?

Google Alerts and Awario are both noted for brand monitoring and reputation management. Statistics say, marketers at their initial stage often prefer using Google Alerts to stabilize their business. However, they move on to the paid tools like Awario in their later stages for better outcomes.

Hope you have already decided which tool you are going to utilize to monitor your reviews, brand mentions, social activities, and many more. If you use Google Alerts, the online reputation management cost will be absolutely free of cost. While for Awario, you have to pay as per your subscription plan.  

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