Good Looking Classic English Movie

Read each english movie carefully. Every line of every film is fully decomposed, and then read, and finally he repeats it dozens of times. Until this animation was deeply imprinted in my mind, and I could read it down without any difference. Let me share my summary of the classic movies and learning methods for learning English


  1. Generally speaking, first grade children have to study “Disney’s Magic English” for one year and three months. They have to learn the first 26 lessons, one lesson a day and one hour, and each lesson should be studied for seven consecutive days. Don’t stop for two days on weekends. The first 26 lessons have to be learned twice, a total of 52 weeks, exactly one year. Next, learn the content of the sequel, which is the content of lessons 27 to 32. Study twice is 12 weeks, which is three months.

2. When the child is in the second grade, we will select three to four from the following animated films. Because if we study strictly according to our plan, there will only be three quarters left in the second grade. The Queen You can only learn three films if you learn one movie in a quarter.

3. The first book is “Sleeping Beauty”, and the remaining two, we will learn from “The Lion King 1”, “Beauty and the Beast 1”, “Prince of Egypt”, “Little Tarzan 2”, “The Little Mermaid 1”, “Cinderella” “, “Pocahontas”. Choose from seven movies. Among them, “Prince of Egypt”, “Little Tarzan 2” and “Cinderella” are slightly simpler, “The Lion King 1,” “Beauty and the Beast 1”, “Pocahontas”, and “The Little Mermaid 1” are slightly more difficult. Like “Mulan” and “Shrek”, animated films like “Mulan” and “Shrek”, the speech speed is too fast, we do not plan to recommend children to learn.

4. In the third grade, we can learn four to five movies. Candidate movies include the live-action version of “Home Alone 2”, the live-action version of “PLANET DROOL”, the live-action version of “Girls Dream Thirty” or “Princess Anne” in addition to the above-mentioned unlearned animated films. Uzalo Today Episode The live-action version of “Little Annie Looking for Mom”.

5. Starting from the fourth grade, everyone can learn “The Troubles of Growth”, and continue to learn it all the way until graduation from the third grade.  

6. I started teaching my son “The Troubles of Growing Up” in the fifth grade. At that time, I felt that I discovered this TV series too late. You should start teaching a year earlier. So now I recommend everyone to teach “The Troubles of Growth” from the fourth grade.


  • From the perspective of learning film language, animated films have the irreplaceable advantage of animated films, that is, the language is not difficult, and it is relatively easy to follow and imitate. And the pictures are beautiful, the music is moving, and the plot is attractive. However, from a learning point of view, animated films also have big flaws. It is the language used, some of which are not very commonly used. And some parts are too much music, and some parts are too many scenes without dialogue and not enough knowledge.

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