Give Your Management Skills Wings to Fly- BBA in Aviation Management

The aviation industry has grown with a CAGR/Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.13% from a Financial Year 2016-20. This year the air traffic was 341.05 million. This in itself is a testimony of the expansion of the air industry. With such an enormous amount of traffic, passenger movement, ticketing costing, etcetera, it becomes imperative to understand the secret behind such a smooth functioning expansion. One may wonder as to how such a massive amount of data, intricate processes managed at all?

The answer to these detailed questions is management. No matter how many technical areas, financial areas may be working in the aviation industry, management is the art of bringing it all together.

Now, one may think as to how do they pursue a management course in Aviation? There are management courses out there. But one of the most comprehensive course is BBA in Aviation. It is because it works on the length and breadth of your basics. This course involves a holistic approach in fostering students into future leaders. They get a chance to learn the nitty-gritty from the very basics. Not only that, they are offered a practical exposure through live projects, presentations, industrial leader interactions and more. This gives them real-life exposure. Also, students get opportunities to intern under various organisations. So now as the aviation industry is increasing, it is unfolding many opportunities as well. This course is primarily focussed on providing experiential learning.

Remember, that Aviation industry is a highly subtle field, so it needs to be handled with at all the management areas. So only through relevant qualification and fundamental expertise can someone enter this field. So let’s explore this field a little more.

Eligibility Criteria of BBA in Aviation Management

As an essential requisite, candidates are supposed to fulfil the eligibility criteria as prescribed by the university. Usually, these guidelines vary from college to college. Here are some standard criteria which the students must abide by before applying for this course:-

1. Candidates must have passed class 12th/High School Examination.

2. Students must strive to secure minimum 50% marks in their school exams.

3. Entrance Examination- The final selection is usually conducted based on one’s performance in the entrance tests. Various universities conduct their own aptitude test. So it completely varies from colleges to colleges.

About the BBA in Aviation Program

1. Duration of Program- This is a three years long comprehensive course. Each year is further divided into two semesters.

2. Students are taught gradually. The first year is full of basic concepts. Gradually, they are exposed to deeper areas of Management in Aviation.

3. Students here get to study a wide range of subjects such as accounting, costing, business communication, airline marketing, basics of the aviation industry, airport management, etcetera.

4. Initially, students get placed with an average package of Rs 4 to Rs 9 Lakhs Per Annum. BBA program is a phenomenal blend of Management and Aviation studies. Anyone who get fascinated with flights, the airport’s management system, etcetera, must go for it as it custom-tailored to expand your horizons in this industry.

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