Getting to Know the Les Fines Lame Cigar Cutter Knife

Everyone knows a good knife is just about the most important tool you can own. It’ll make short work of most tasks you come across every day. Envelopes, packages, slicing up an apple – you reach for your pocket knife.

Similarly, for those who enjoy cigars and fine tobacco, a quality knife is an equally important tool. Pipe smokers are known to carry pocket knives for sectioning plug and rope tobacco; some even carry a special pocket knife known as a “pipe” knife for these tasks. Such knives commonly contain other useful tools besides a blade, such as a pick or tamper.

As for cigar smokers, a cutter, which is no more than a homolog of a knife, is an equally important tool. There have been intrepid users who have dared to clip off the cap with a sharp knife, but unless the knife is sharp and the wrapper is well kept and expertly rolled, you risk tearing a good cigar.

That’s why most cigar smokers turn to cutters instead of knives. Now, however, due to the ingenious experience and work of the skilled smiths and artisans of Les Fines Lame in Thiers, France, there is a revolutionary new tool that has taken the market by storm: the Les Fines Lames Cigar Cutter Knife.

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Not just an exceptionally useful tool, the Les Fines Lame Cigar Knife is a thing of beauty. With an expertly ground blade of high-quality, precision tempered stainless steel with an exposed razor-esque tang and modified sheepsfoot blade, the Les Fines Lame is as useful in a display case as in a pocket. Its scales are also marvelous; available in such favorites as Acacia Burl, Flame Maple, Brass, and the ever functional Micarta among others, this knife is something to look at.

Yet, as attractive as it is, it is a tool, first and foremost, of unrivalled function. Obviously, a knife like this can be carried for nothing more than as a tool of general utility. It is because of its specialized form, however, that this knife deserves true praise and admiration.

The reason for this is in the lay of the scales and in the curvature of the belly of the blade. Its scales are uniquely sized and shaped to accommodate the profile of a cigar up to a 70 ring gauge. The sweep of its belly is shaped to glide right through the cap of a cigar with minimal effort. Due to its size, shape, grind, and edge, this cigar cutter knife forestalls and avoids most of the problems associated with using a knife as a cigar cutter.

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You will no longer need to worry about keeping a separate punch or a cigar cutter with you, and with a knife like this, you also won’t need to worry about uneven cuts, torn wrappers, or compressors and misplaced fillers. It will give you a perfect cut and even draw, every time. In short, the Les Fines Lames Cigar Knife is worthy of every drop of praise that has been issued in honor of it.

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