Getting An Online Doctor Medical Certificate – What Do You Need To Know?

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic swept through every country and brought the entire world to a standstill, online telemedicine services were already gaining popularity. Using an online doctor service is extremely convenient, affordable and a much better way to visit your GP (General Practitioner).

As Victoria is preparing to slowly ease out the stage 4 lockdown restrictions, how can you benefit from getting an online doctor medical certificate as opposed to visiting your local GP in person? What is a telemedicine service? And what other online medical services do they offer?

Firstly, what is an online doctor service?

An online medical provider, also known as a telemedicine service, is an online platform that allows you to have a confidential consultation with a doctor via either video or phone chat. Just like visiting your local medical clinic in person, you will still receive the exact same level of professional service, confidentiality and medical advice.

Apart from avoiding the time-consuming process of having to travel to your GP, telehealth services utilise the latest digital communication and information technologies for managing your health care.

How can you get started?

Using a telemedicine service provider could not be more simple as all you require is a solid internet connection and either a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

You will first need to sign up to their service by creating an account. This is then followed by answering a few basic and general questions regarding your reason for requesting an appointment and your medical history.
Once this quick process is complete, you can then start booking your appointment with an online doctor.

What types of services do they provide?

Much like visiting your local GP, online telehealth providers offer a range of professional medical services which include:


By saving you the time, energy and travel expenses of travelling to your nearest medical clinic just to get a referral, telemedicine services allow you to quickly obtain a referral for seeing a specialist. This also saves you from waiting around in a crowded waiting room and having to book an appointment that best suits the GP, instead of you.

Medical certificates

When you are sick and need to get a medical certificate to show your employer, the last thing you want is having to leave the comfort and warmth of your home. With online doctor medical certificate services, you can obtain your medical or carer’s certificate without ever having to leave your bed!


Many Australians know all too well the hassles of finding time to go to their local medical clinic just to get their prescription. Telehealth providers allow you to get your prescription online for a range of low-level drugs and medications such as diabetic medication, antihypertensives and contraceptives.

When can you use a telemedicine service?

As convenient and useful as telemedicine services are, they should not be used in the event you are suffering from a medical emergency. In situations like this, seeking the nearest hospital or healthcare professional in-person urgently is strongly recommended.

Apart from medical emergencies and certain prescriptions for high-level medications, online healthcare providers are ideal for a vast range of different situations and medical needs.

A perfect example is if you are needing to get a medical certificate or see a doctor but you are living in a rural or remote area. Accessing your local GP could mean travelling a great distance, which means paying for travel expenses and relying on public transport if you don’t have a vehicle.

By signing up to and using an online telemedicine platform, you can consult with a midwife, Aboriginal health worker, medical specialist, GP or a nurse practitioner, regardless of your current location or time of day. They are also ideal for managing your repeat prescriptions.

What about my privacy?

Don’t worry – using an online doctor service is completely confidential. Each consultation you have with an online doctor ensures that all your medical data, history and conversations are kept strictly private.

All telemedicine providers operating in Australia must protect your private medical information as according to the Australian privacy legislation. They also use the latest firewall software and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to prevent the situation of a data breach or a digital attack on their network.

An online healthcare revolution

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues across the world, the use of telemedicine services has increased exponentially, especially in heavily populated metro areas and towns. In order to keep up with and follow strict social distancing rules, online doctor services have become crucial.

Whether you are needing to get an online doctor medical certificate, a prescription, a specialist referral or a general consultation with a GP, telemedicine providers are the new way of receiving healthcare. Search online for an online doctor service and experience the online healthcare revolution today!

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