Get Your Tools From Carbide Drill Manufacturers

Anyone who uses drill bits and milling cutters on a regular basis knows that frequent use can quickly fatigue your tools. No tools will last forever, but end mills and drill bits from carbide drill manufacturers can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your milling cutters.

The main contributor to tool fatigue is friction. At high speeds, the cutting edges of your tools are dealing with incredible strain. That is going to cause a lot of friction, resulting in the surface of your tool getting extremely hot in no time. This can be a big issue for metal tools because the internal structure of metal tools are tempered to maintain their hardness. If the surface of the tool becomes too hot, the metal can lose its temper and the internal structure of the metal will change, causing the cutting edges to soften and dull more quickly.

In order to limit the effects of high speed tooling, some drill bits and milling cutters are made with modern high speed steel alloys. These HSS alloys are designed to maintain their temper at even higher temperatures than traditional steel tools. Sadly this just makes it slightly more difficult to untemper your tools, but not impossible. Extended periods of high speed machining can still soften HSS alloys.

If you need cutting tools that can hold up to high speed machining, carbide is the answer. Carbide cutting tools offer several advantages over stainless steel and HSS milling cutters and drill bits. A Solid carbide drill bit will maintain its cutting edges longer because these tools have a few unique construction features. A lot of people assume that carbide is an alloy, but it is actually a unique combination of materials known that create a composite tool making material known as a cerment.

Carbide is the perfect material for high performance tools because it is a combination of carbide ceramic and a binding metal. The ceramic component gives these tools their incredible edge retention and rigidity while the metal binding material helps lend its strength to the end mills. Carbide ceramic is nearly twice as dense and rigid as steel and it can not lose its temper because it is not metallic. This makes it ideal for a wide range of high speed milling applications without the risk of prematurely shortening the tool life of your cutter.

In order to protect carbide tools even more, some carbide drill manufacturers will coat their tools in protective coatings like titanium aluminum nitride. These TiALN coatings help to create a protective layer on the surface of the tool that will deflect heat away from the body of the tool in order to keep the cutting edges cool. Even though carbide won’t lose its temper, high temperatures will soften almost any material. Ordering tools with protective coatings will help ensure that you get the maximum lifespan out of your end mills and drill bits.

Quality tools are the basis of every shop and if you are looking for some high-quality drill bit and end mills, you need to order from a trusted carbide drill manufacturer like Online Carbide. As an American manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, Online Carbide is dedicated to producing high-quality tools for their customers. All of their tools are sold at direct from manufacturer prices so you can save big on amazing tools.

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