Get Your Styling Right Every Time, Everywhere!

We browse through many style magazines and blogs to wonder how to look stylish every time, just like celebrities holding everything just right. Although there is information on the internet available today, you can easily style your look yourself.

However, for completing your whole attire and style quotient is holding a right handbag beside you. With the right handbag complementing your outfit and shoes, for creating your special look.

Here are some tips to pick the spot-on handbag to match your attire and shoes consistently.

Think about the event

Every occasion calls for different handbag every time. Whether you are attending a party, going to the office, whether the event is formal or informal, you need an ideal handbag beside you to compliment your whole look for the day.

Talking about the sizes, a small handbag looks more stylish whereas a large-sized handbag displays more of a chic look. If you are wearing something casual, the large-sized handbag will be best suited, whereas a formal dressing requires holding a small-sized handbag.

Try mixing the two.

Which handbag to shop for?

Buy large sized duffel or a hobo handbag and pair them cool sneakers and over-sized t-shirts. Try wearing a sling handbag over your shoulder, if you want to keep it simple.

Pairing with office attire

Buy a satchel handbag or a boxy bag to pair it with a proper suit to mark your business look. A satchel handbag is roomy so you will be able to carry all your essentials such as a book, laptop, charger, phone and many others. You can even pair this handbag with a formal skirt and a blazer.

Dress to accomplish

To put in more power and sophistication to your dressing add a briefcase handbag or a tote handbag to add some more sophistication in your dressing.

If you are dressing up for the evening

If you are heading for an evening out while wearing a cocktail dress or a long gown, go for pairing it with clutches or hold a miniature handbag with a little black dress.

If the dress of the evening comes is sequined or metallic then pairing it with sequined hand clutch would be perfect. However, if your dressing is heavy then pair it with the plain clutch to compliment your whole look.

Choosing to keep your body shape in mind

Wearing a handbag according to your body shape can help you withdraw to focus on the body parts that you do not want to get attention on. This is where choosing the right shape and length of handbag is very important.

If you have a pear-shaped body.

A pear-shaped body is wide from the hips and any handbag that stays at the hip length will only draw attention to it and makes it look larger. Instead, go for a handbag that hangs until the middle or waist length.

If you have a big bust

Avoid small length handbag to avoid putting attention on the heavy bust.

For curvy body

If you have a curvy body structure, go for long, sleek handbags to appear high and slender

For a petite body structure

Avoid going for a handbag that comes with long straps and fringes if you have a short figure.

If you come with a tall and slender figure

Do you have a high and lean body? Go for oversized handbag this will help in complementing your slim body.


If you were usually on your plus size, then medium handbags would look appropriate.

On a final note

Things to consider while buying a handbag online

  1. Whether you are buying a designer handbag online or from a store, keep a check on the seller details, check the quality of the handbag and see whether it is worth the value you are spending on it.
  2. Buying a tote bag online or satchel handbags carefully check all the specifications of the bag like length and thickness of straps.
  3. Go for buying solid colours or neutral tones especially if you are buying a handbag for office use. It looks more classy and sophisticated.
  4. Buy handbag with accord to the style you want to express
  5. You can either go for toning your handbag with the outfit or colour of your shoes – If you have a multicoloured or printed handbag, pair it with a solid coloured outfit to compliment your look better.

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