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Now entering a supermarket, mini market, shop and even a stand, taking an object from the shelf, we see on its back a small rectangle with stripes and numbers and everyone knows that it is a barcode.  Every entrepreneur, company, factory in their production is suitable for the moment when you need to create a new barcode for a new product.  Barcode label printing online will be interesting and useful for those who will create their first barcode.

 First, let’s look at the definition of the word itself.

 Bar code – graphic information that is applied to the product, giving a real chance to read – the priority of black and white lines.

 They differ not only in appearance but also in the way they encode the data.  There are:

 – linear (bar) codes – those barcodes that are read only horizontally;  they can be 8 or 13 digits.  Such codes do not contain much information.

 – dimensions – are designed to contain more information;  it is deciphered vertically and horizontally.  Many two-dimensional barcodes are currently being created and used in various fields of activity.

Where the Barcodes came in existence first?

Americans created the first UPC system, which is a code of twelve digital characters.  Once it gained fame, European countries also want to encode products on this principle.  However, we were faced with the fact that the range of possible codes is filled with goods from the America.

 The developers of the EAN-13 encoding solved this problem by extending the scope of the codes by adding the thirteenth digit to the left.  At the same time, it turned out to leave compatibility with EAN-13 with UPC encoding (initially added 0).

 This is how the EAN / UPC encoding appears, whose code is divided into five zones:

 – GS1 prefix – 3 numeric characters

 – Manufacturer’s registration number – 4-6 digital characters

 – Item code – 3-5 numeric characters

 – The control figure

 – Add.  field, it is also called a free zone indicator.

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In order to be assigned a barcode, you must submit an application and indicate it in it:

 – name, trademark, etc .;

 – normative-technical document – if any;

 – Type and material of packaging, net weight, capacity, etc.);

 – Description (user characteristics, composition, appearance, characteristic properties, etc.).

Principle of bar coding

 Bar coding principle – coding of alphanumeric characters in the form of alternating black and light stripes of different widths (strokes and spaces), read using a scanning device that decodes codes and transmits information to a computer.  HQ is one of the most commonly used means of automatic identification.  Code decoding is performed by scanning devices.  European Trade Numbering Association (EAN) codes consist of 13 digits (sometimes 8 for small pack sizes).

Barcode functions

  • The bar code, unlike many information signs, performs not only general information and identification functions, but also a number of additional functions:
  • automated identification of goods by machine readers;
  • automated management and inventory;
  • the operational management of the distribution process: transportation, transportation and storage of goods;
  • increasing the speed and culture of customer service;
  • information support of marketing research.

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