Insight To Custom E-Liquid Boxes

Custom packaging is the best way to boost up the sales of any product in the market. It adds a spark in an ordinary box urging the customers to make a purchase. In addition to protecting against damage, custom packaging helps you to attract customers and generate revenues.

E-liquid is usually filled in delicate glass materials and requires sturdy packaging durable for shipping. Besides, it is important to make the packaging ideal to keep the boxes in place to avoid leakage.

Custom E-liquid packaging is the solution to provide quality packaging in attractive designs. This will generate revenues and boost up the company’s image.

•             WHAT IS E-LIQUID?

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E Liquid Packaging

E-liquid is a mixture of nicotine, glycol, propylene, glycerin, and flavour agents that are filled in the electronic cigarettes to provide non-smoke smoking experience. Moreover, it is less damaging to your body than regular cigarettes.

How Can Custom Packaging Contribute In Enhancing Your Business?

There is a fierce market competition in every domain of the market, including e-cigarettes. Manufacturers are now experimenting with different business strategies to make their business stand out. All suppliers and retailers are trying their level best to make their products distinct from those of the competitors.

•             Brand Promotion

Customization is an ideal tool to promote a brand. You have the freedom to design the box with the logo, name, and address of your company. And for that custom e-liquid boxes do the job for your brand.

•             Brand Identity

Unique packaging will automatically drive the attention of the customers urging them to purchase your products by luring them with their fascinating packaging. E-liquid packaging must be alluring to engage more customers towards your brand.

•             Market Value

Unique packaging design makes your product distinct, identifiable and recognizable. Companies or brands that tend to offer products that do not have prior market availability are more likely to establish market value. The more your products will have a market value, the more you will earn revenues.

And for that to happen your need e-liquid packaging box which helps your brand in making your brand value in the market of e-liquid boxes.

•             Customer loyalty

Consistency in the quality of the product and packaging earns you loyal customers. This will save you from the hassle of searching and attracting new customers.

Other than this, eco-friendly cardboard material will also help in creating a positive brand image and urge competitors to make environmentally conscious choices.

Moreover, it is considered best for e-liquid box packaging.

Ideal Material And Box To Pack E-Liquid

Cardboard boxes are best to provide safe packaging to delicate products such as e liquids. There are numerous types of cardboard boxes you can choose from.

•             Cardboard

Cardboards are usually thicker as compared to cardstocks. The major plus point of using this material is that; you can mould it according to your shipping requirements.

For instance, you can add layers of flutes to prevent material breakage. The flutes range include type A, B, D, E and F. Each flute has its distinct character and features. That’s is why it is in great demand in the manufacturing of e-liquid boxes wholesale.

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•             Cardstock

Cardstock is comparatively less sturdy than cardboard. This material is ideal for local shipping and for displaying on the shelve for advertising of your product with the help of unique packaging ideas.

•             Kraft paper

Kraft paper is the lightest packaging material and is not ideal for shipping. And best for custom printed e-liquid boxes as it has features which no other material has. It is eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable. And can use as packers, for custom boxes.

Add Interesting Features To Your E-Liquid Box

•             PERFORATIONS

Adding perforations in cardboards can prevent your boxes from displacing. You don’t have to worry about those broken glass bottles anymore.

•             COATINGS

You can choose matte or gloss coatings for your boxes. Each coating imparts different look to the box. And result in making your custom printed boxes from the rest of the brands in the market.

•             PVC WINDOWS

PVC windows are also a way to enhance the overall look of the packaging, proving a sneak peek of the box can allow customers to see what’s inside the box.

In conclusion, custom e-liquid boxes provide the only affordable marketing technique that would make you earn more profit and a good market place for your brand in no time.

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Moreover, you can consult them anytime for free guidance about shipping boxes; they also provide free prototypes for customer’s satisfaction. So, avail the best packaging facilities and upgrade your business.

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