How to Get Rid of Unwanted & Undeletable Files to Free up Space?

We all know how to delete files from system, as it is the easiest task to execute with the delete key available on our keyboard. But still there are many stubborn files which are not easy to handle and these files occupies large space on our systems and make it full. So here in this blog I am going to review File Eraser software of Stellar which claims that it can wipe any file from the system beyond the scope of recovery. Also, stellar says that this file eraser software can wipe not only files from the disk drive but also can erase files from the browsers, emails clients, etc.

Stellar is offering this File eraser tool at free of cost for good 30 Days. Yes, anyone can download this software without paying anything and use its all features without facing any hamper.

So without doing any late let’s dig into file eraser software of Stellar. The name of the software is Bitraser File Eraser, you can search it on Google or Just visit their professional website to download this tool.

How Bitraser File Eraser Looks : So, the interface of this software looks easy to understand by any technical or non technical user. You can check out the below image to see the interface of Bitraser File eraser. The first image means the interface which gives many options to erase files such as the “Erase Now” option under which you can see all the available drives and the files available in those drives. Similarly you can see other different options like “internet Activities”, “Application Traces”, “System Traces”, “Erase Unused Space”, etc.

Now, Let’s See the Process of This File Eraser Software

So, what you have to do is just download this software on your system and connect the drive from which you want to delete files. If you want to delete files from the internal drive then there is no need to connect to an external one.  Click on the drive from which you want to erase the file or the entire drive and click on the “Erase Now” button.

Tips and Trick to recover deleted files from drive

Once you click on the Erase Now button you will get a pop up box which will ask you to confirm whether you are sure to perform this task or not. Make sure yourself and then click on the confirm button. See how easy it is to wipe your files.

This software erased many undeletable files from my system which were not deleted after trying many file deletion methods. Now, finally I can take a deep and relaxing breath, those files are now gone.

Conclusion: I tried this software’s 30 day’s free trial version; I got all the features unlocked. No Hamper in understanding neither in operating it. Also, I tried one Windows data recovery software to check whether the claim of non recoverability of files is true or false. Fortunately the claim is right, once you wipe anything from this software; no data recovery software can recover it.

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