Get Rid of House Flies: 5 Effective Ways to Banish Pests

We’re all familiar with the unpleasant company of pests like house flies and more around our house.

It can be not very pleasant, and getting rid of them isn’t the easiest thing, especially since many are relatively fast and can fly.

As much as possible, you shouldn’t let these house flies stay in your home. House flies are harmful in a different way than other pests are.

Are house flies harmful?

When talking about pests inside your house, the most common one you’re probably going to encounter would be house flies. That may be the reason why they have their name.

House flies are annoying and have plagued many a home with their constant buzzing and flying around. Unlike mosquitoes, they’re not biting you or trying to suck their blood.

However, just because they don’t do that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as harmful. They are dangerous in a different way.

These house flies are dangerous because of their ability to spread all sorts of pathogens, parasites, and diseases to human beings. Think about how fast a fly can be on your trash first and then on the food you’re eating the next.

Thus, it’s always a good idea to prevent house flies from getting into your home. Better yet, get rid of them entirely if they’re already there.

Make a DIY house fly trap

If you want to use a house fly trap that won’t need harmful chemicals, you can make one for yourself at home. All you need is a plastic bottle (preferably a two-liter one, but anything is fine), water, liquid dish soap, and bait for your fly.

The bait you can use could be sugar water or honey water or anything you know flies like to have. Fruits are a great example.

First, start by cutting the top of the bottle. Flip that over and put that in the rest of the bottle to create a sort of funnel. If you want to secure it with glue or tape, you can. 

After that, pour water into the bottle. Don’t let the water reach the bottom of the funnel. Add the bait, like honey water, into the bottle and a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap, and that’s it.

Buy a light trap

If you don’t want to make your fly traps, you can buy them instead. For example, you can get a light trap, which is a great way to get rid of flying insects attracted to light.

These ultraviolet light traps are safe for humans and are useful in attracting flies.

You can use one that zaps the flies. Another variety uses glue instead to make the flies stick there. The glue variety also adds a pheromone that could attract the flies if they don’t find the lights attractive.

Use sticky traps

Since we’re talking about glue to capture flies, there are also sticky traps that you can put on surfaces. These traps attract the flies to come close, but they get stuck on it. You can apply these anywhere you want.

When you’re using these sticky paper traps, though, make sure that you remember that they’re there. Otherwise, the sticky traps might capture you instead of the flies.

Store your food correctly

As mentioned before, food is one of the most common things that will attract any pest in your home. Therefore, aside from food that you use out in the open, make sure that you store the food in your pantries properly.

Otherwise, even if you think you’ve sealed it, it might still attract all sorts of pests.

You can transfer the food away from their original packaging and into an actual food container so that you’re sure that you sealed everything away. Since the original packaging might be flimsy, transferring the food items will help prevent any pests from getting through to your food.

Keep your house clean

As the adage goes, prevention is much better than a cure. This sentiment applies to almost everything, including pest control.

If your home is clean and tidy, it doesn’t mean that there will be zero pests staying in your home. Instead, it means that it’s much less likely for problems to roost and make your house their home.

Leftover food is the most common reason why pests seem to want to come into your home. Hence, the people at Cleaning Exec Cleaning Services NYC advise that you should clean up food messes as soon as possible.

Please don’t leave them lying around, or else it will attract these pests.

It would help if you also took care of your waste management. Please don’t wait until the trash is piling up on top of your trash bin before you take it out. Otherwise, it will attract pests, so make sure you get rid of it.

Getting rid of pests like house flies is a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible. The solutions on this list are but a few of the ones that you can try. If you’re suffering from these pests bothering you in your home, consider trying these solutions out. However, for more severe pest issues, remember to get the help of a pest control company.

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