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As a new hot tub owner, you may have heard people talking about bromine instead of chlorine for use in your hot tub as a sanitizer for the water. If you’ve any experience with pools in the past, you’re no doubt familiar with chlorine. It’s a trope that’s well known in popular culture, even to the point that that dour and astringent smell of chloramines well suggest the image of the poolside to the unconscious mind.

Chlorine is a very effective disinfectant of swimming pool and spa water, and it’s very cost effective too, but it does come with its share of drawbacks that make bromine a more enticing option for many spa owners. In the first place, chlorine is not as effective at remaining active in the water as some alternatives like bromine and additionally it can be very harsh on skin, hair and eyes.

But rather than launching into a tirade of the drawbacks of chlorine, let’s talk a little about some of the benefits of bromine as a sanitizer. In the first place, when maintained at the proper levels, bromine is just as effective as chlorine at ridding the water of biological contaminants. That makes it desirable on its face, and though it is less cost friendly than chlorine, it comes with a number of other benefits.

In the next place is the fact that bromine is not as harsh on skin, eyes or hair as chlorine is. This can be a real bonus for people with sensitive skin, especially if they experience some of the adverse effects of chlorine. Even without these personal considerations, bromine comes with some extra benefits in its camp.

Consider one of the main attributes of spa water. It is hot – after all, that is why a spa is also typically referred to as a hot tub. Not only is it hot, but it may have differing ranges of pH from some swimming pools, and as spas tend to be smaller that range may fluctuate unduly and with less notice.

Bromine is more stable in hot water and in a wider range of pH values than chlorine is. Also, bromine remains active in the water for longer than chlorine, so if you use bromine as the sanitizer in your spa, you can expect the levels to remain higher for longer, which will result in less necessary routine maintenance from you.

Those are some great reasons to add bromine – such as bromine tablets – to your list of spa chemicals. Just be sure you’re never mixing bromine and chlorine, as this can be unsafe.

If you’re looking for a bromine spa start up kit, check out what you can find at Hot Tub Club on their website, HotTub.Club. A bromine spa start up kit like their Pool and Spa Custom 9 Point Water Test Service will, as they say, take the guesswork out of testing your spa’s water.

Their testing service can make it easier and faster for you to get your spa up and running for the season, and it covers total bromine (or chlorine and free chlorine, if that’s what you use) as well as alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid, phosphates, metals and other solids. It’s as easy as sending Hot Tub Club’s team a sample of your water and waiting for them to deliver you the comprehensive results.

If you’re interested in making the switch over to bromine, or just using bromine in the first place, their testing service is the first step to starting out on the right foot. They’ll let you know your water’s levels and concentrations of the various chemicals above, as well as how to proceed. Check out their website, HotTub.Club or give them a call at 866-546-8882 today.

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