Gemini Rising Sign

The curious ones, the know-it-all, and the people who can be called “jack of all trades master of none” are none but Geminis. The zodiac sign, which is associated with the planet Mercury, is often an eater of information. These people thrive on data and clearing every doubt that ever comes to their mind. They are the one who utilizes the sources vastly that provide information, and Google being a great helper for that instance.

They always have something in their mind. This hunger for information also makes them restless, or at least they may seem like one. However, Geminis are witty, and they know how to use the power of words. That is why they also become great teachers, writers and succeed in any profession that needs to influence people with words and wisdom such as a speaker.

However, the sign often gets a bad reputation due to being of dual-nature. One time they may be very sweet, and the other moment they are harsh and saying you things. This also happens because one side is extroverted while the other one follows the introversion. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be trusted as some people think. Like any other person, Geminis can be trusted; it is just when they get too talkative, things may slip off their mouth unintentionally.

Geminis are not very good listeners since they themselves are social butterflies and prefer to talk a lot. However, this is not true for everyone since itdepends on their moon sign as well, so better don’t judge a person based on his rising sign alone.

Being good with words and knowledge, they know and understand sarcasm, and return insults with better comebacks. This nature may hurt others; the help is that you should be careful when a Gemini is around and better not to use sarcasm on them when you can easily get hurt.

They usually get bored easily, and hence they are always indulging in new plans to keep it interesting. This may become problematic for their partner as there may not be a new thing every time.

Gemini Rising can easily cope with multitasking; they can do multiple things at once while not paying full attention to any of them. Since they know something about everything, they can become good advisors when someone comes to them for help. They can help people out even if they don’t know the subject; they can do research and come with their advice.

 Even after being a social butterfly and talkative, Gemini doesn’t allow everyone to come to their circle. Their introvert side becomes uncomfortable when they allow just anyone to get close to them; hence they maintain their distance while satisfying their extroversion.

Ascendant in Gemini Man

A man having the ascendant or rising as Gemini would tend to exist in multiple places, trying to keep everything in control and managed. Thus he is often very energetic while being talkative; the basic quality of a Gemini. Due to the energy factor and the multitasking, these men may opt for becoming a pilot, driver, sales representative, or thing that needs intellectual such as a scientist.

Ascendant in Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman thrives on gathering information as much as she can. She can have all her time gossiping with friends and knowing the latest news. However, one who values rich information than just daily news and gossiping will indulge in knowing more important matters related to her profession, studies, or whatever doubts her mind throws.

There are all kinds of Geminis, and how she uses her hunger for information depends entirely on her; either discussing superficial topics or something deeper.

Ascendant in Gemini Child

A Gemini child can be seen as very curious that he may ask you questions most of the time. His unstable character may be problematic for him and the family; when he would like a toy for one day and demand a new one the next day. However, the children under the sign develop quickly, and they may develop this trait of tolerance. Since these children are playful and make others laugh with their curiosities, they are loved by their family. An ascendant sign can easily be found out when you have the free Rising Sign Calculator. Enter your particulars and know your rising sign to find out how you operate in the world.

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