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Gangnam Pool Salon Representative Whiskey

Gangnam Pool Salon Golden Blue

It truly is a local blended whiskey brand created by Golden Blue. 1st launched in 2009, this is a 36.5 degree low run whiskey. It is also essentially the most sought just after whiskey of our guests who come to our pool salon. While it really is a domestic whisk, all of the original amount has been imported.


The price tag variety is about 12 years old blended local whiskey. Initially, whiskey aging years are according to the youngest liquid contained in it. It really is the best whiskey to communicate with our Gangnam Pool Sarong sisters and get close to each other.^^


If sapirus is priced at 12 years, then diamonds are about 17 years old. Initially, it was 17 years at the starting of its launch in 2009, but soon after 2012 it was renamed Diamond. It is the ideal to consume second time for you to get acquainted with my sisters with sapirus!

Golden Blue 22 years

Golden Blue will be the most effective lineup product, aged for 22 years. This product is one year greater than the 21-year maximum maturation years of other local whiskey companies. Full Salon Sisters Golden Blue If it’s 22 years, they’ll be hooked to one shot.