Fut: What is FUT transplant and its benefits

In this article, you are going to learn what fut hair transplant is and its benefits. Without wasting much time, let us start below.

What is a FUT transplant?

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is a hair transplant technique where patient hair is used to be transplanted naturally in a group of 1 to 4 inch which is called follicle units. The process is also called a strip procedure. The FUT process involves removing your hair from the head’s back and transplanting wherein the bald area.

The restoration of hair is one of the permanent options recommendable. FUT is considered because of hair shifting roots’ technical process from the donor site to the receiver strip.

When the follicle unit is grafted, the surgeon doctor used to prepare and make a hole known as a slip in your scalp—the use of cosmetics impacts the procedure.

This process requires a specialized doctor and skillfully, not any person, to cause risk. The surgery works excellent when you cover a receding hairline called male pattern baldness. You need to make sure that you keep patient uniqueness in mind and time until fully recovered. The results will mimic the way permanent hair grows naturally.

Benefits of Follicular Unit Transplant

If you are thinking about a hair transplant FUT, offers you the way to regrow food head hair with natural-looking hair. Here are benefits you need to know before going for hair restoration. The process needs to receive the portion of the scalp. There are various benefits you need to understand about FUT. Some of the best are given below.

Less pain and more gain

Unlike the traditional method, you will likely hear less of the pain after the FUT procedure. The long-acting makes the recovery process quite manageable without the use of necrotic.

According to research conducted recently, almost 90% of the patients report no pain after the surgery. They show how safe you are when taking this method. You will describe less pain after the procedure.

Free online consultation

The hair transplant offers you free online consultation for every patient without charging her any of the cents. When you are eligible for a hair transplant, you will need to discuss it during one procedure.

Faster recovery

A hair transplant with FUT is a great way to go, and the restoration of your hair recovers after a few weeks. After this, you can resume your regular job. You will not have to worry about anything. And the temporary bandage is removed after 24 hours.

You will get exceptional care and instructions from the doctor once you receive treatment. The doctor will tell you how to wash your head in the right way not to affect you in any manner.

There are no stitches that need to be removed here. Once you follow the instructions given, you are good to go and maintain.

Little or no scarring

FUT regrows your hair to leave a noticeable linear scar. You can easily keep your hair shot. The extraction process during the FUT process is significantly the same.

FUT procedure is easy to follow

When you use a scalpel to remove the scalp is usually back from your head. The tripe size you will get is about 6 to 10 inches long.

You can quickly close the area where scalp stitches are found.

The surgeon insert hair from the removal of the scalp puncher hole.

Boosted confident

To lose hair is something severe and damaging for the growth of your hair. The survival rate of FUT hair restoration is something of a strip method. The precious harvest means less of the trauma.

Shock hair loss

The donor is commonly referred to as shock hair loss. It widely occurs in the transplant of the hair follicle. The hair will grow slow.


Fut surgery can leave a scar on the site of removal of hair. The scar fades permanently. They are the spot’s size will depend on the hair follicle used during your surgery.

Additional Benefits of fut hair transplant

Time beneficial

Fut is the perfect imitation of hair growth with the permanent outcome.

  • It gives you pluggy and unnatural looking.
  • The cost is friendly than other hair loss treatments.
  • There is low resection, and the rate of the yield is better.
  • It can be used even if you have low hair density.
  • It does not cover the critical scar.
  • Hair from one part to another part can be well.
  • More accessible than any other procedure such as FUT
  • Provides you with a better yield of hair follicle compare to other processes.
  • I give a maximum number of the graft.
  • Affordable to some people


FUT hair transplant is permanent and needs to be performed by an expert for visible scars. The scar is supposed to cover after proper growth.

You can give it a try after reading through this article. We provide all benefits you wanted to know about fut hair transplants. 

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