Fun Things To Do In Rarotonga Island

In case you are searching for a fascinating holiday destination that is far more extravagant than the rest of regular places, take a look at the Rarotonga in the Cook Islands! This island is not so popular because of less publicity as compared to other islands that get a lot of publicity. I think it is due to the fact that that New Zealand and Australian people like to keep this tour destination a secret from travelers of other countries. Hahaha…I am joking :)! One thing that I noticed is, there are very less amount of people from India who visit there.

No doubt it is like some kind of an expedition with its beyond the black stump area in the South Pacific, but if you are from the USA, the New Zealand government has begun direct 9 hour flights flying from LA, thus you can actually wake up in heaven after your air travel!

Here is the complete list of exotic Cook Islands information here:

  1. Take a Vaca Lagoon Cruise in Rarotonga: You can ask from any travel enthusiast about this activity, everyone will tell you that Rarotonga is a must-visit place. Therefore, you must pay a visit there. You can go for a pontoon-type boat with a roof made of thatch and do underwater diving, take a tour of the island, and then you can have a Fish Barbecue lunch in the afternoon!
  • You can go Kayaking – If you love some adrenaline rush, you can see the breathtaking Coral and marine life beneath you, moreover you can go at your own pace, discover more islands, enjoy diving underwater and explore more island activities. You can rend paddleboards if you are not good at balancing, and buy some snacks and beer from the small mart down the streets. And, go back to the little island and have a pleasing tour on the massive rocks.
  • You can go for Scubadiving – There are many hotels out there who will provide you snorkel gear for free of cost, and if not, you can take them on rent from various water sports centers across Muri Beach. If you wish, you can go on guided waterboarding and see magnificent reefs there!
  • Dine at Muri Night Market – Another important thing you may have heard from bloggers and localities is they suggest everyone eat at Muri night market. It is open every day at 5:00 PM and there are numerous food stalls that offer homemade cakes, tasty noodles, and indeed amazing Seafood.

Buy sarong and native oils – If you forgot to take Sarongs with you for your journey, worry not! You can shop for a wide collection of Sarongs in Rarotonga. They easily fit and look fabulous on everyone who wears them. Oils are also essential stuff of the Polynesian islands. Some oils are manufactured locally and some are mass manufactured. I suggest you can use the Manoj oil as it smells amazing with the

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