Full Form Vs Single Pitch Thread Mills

Creating threads is pieces is an important part of modern machining. Threaded components not only have to be produced accurately enough to fit properly without delaying the machining process. Luckily the popularity of thread milling has made the process of threading components on your milling machining easier than ever. The biggest factor to consider when producing threads on your work pieces is choosing the right tool for the job. Knowing whether or not to use a single pitch thread mill or a full form thread mill can help you get the most out of your milling time.

Thread milling is a modern solution to threading that is a significant improvement over traditional tap and die threading tools. Thread mills can complete the threading of components in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional tools while also being far more versatile.

Full Form Thread Mills
The full form thread mill is without a doubt the fastest tool for thread production. These cutting tools have a unique appearance that looks like rows of teeth along the cutting surface of the end mill. The beauty of this design is the fact that they can cut an entire threaded surface in one quick motion.

Full form mills work by cutting around the surface that is going to be threaded. During its rotation, the tool height is shifted by the spacing of the thread pitch, creating a continuously threaded surface. These tools are ideal for working on stable work pieces and creating different threaded surfaces that have the same pitch.

Single Pitch Thread Mill
Sometimes you are going to run into unique challenges where a full form mill is not an option. In these cases, a single pitch thread mill can be a great option. Unlike large full form cutters, these tools only feature a single “tooth” on the cutting surface. This means that the tool has to travel the full length of the threaded surface.

Threading with these tools can take a little longer, but they are a great option for creating threads on workpieces that are delicate or have long overhangs. Because the cutting surface is so much smaller, they will not produce as much friction with the piece, making them the ideal choice for They are also a great option for mixed production because a single full form mill can cut threads with different pitches, unlike full form mills.

In order to get the most out of your thread milling tools, you need to invest in tools that are built to last. One of the best materials for construction end mills is solid carbide. This material combines the strength of a metal and the incredible edge retention of a ceramic to provide a tool that will outlast those constructed from high speed steel and other alloys.

To get an even longer lifespan out of your tools, you need to find end mills that are properly coated. Coatings like titanium aluminum nitride or TiAlN are designed to provide an extra layer of thermal resistance that helps deflect the heat of machining away from the body of the cutter, keeping the tool sharp for longer.

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