Free Roam VR – Experience a First Person VR Game

Free VR Experience is a fascinating game developed by Bigpoint. It is not just a simple time strategy game but also a first person shooting experience using a fully interactive interface. This game can be played at any time and can also be enjoyed online. However, to start the game you have to enter a VR Station which will require you to log-in with your email id and password for more check out

VR Future

The first thing you will see is the intro which will explain the entire scenario and what the player is going to experience once he logs in. A brand new world awaits you, where the future of VR is being created. You will need to complete the various challenges that are placed on your way and complete the virtual missions to become the leader of the free Roam VR experience. However, you won’t be able to build any assets or vehicles so you will have to rely on your team of soldiers and send them to accomplish missions while fighting enemies.

There are many VR users who are enjoying the game since it is one of the first person shooters. The first person view allows the player to control his character more actively and physically which makes the game more thrilling and exciting. The bullets are real and are able to affect your target and hence the feeling of being a part of the action. Also, you will be able to shoot without looking down the sights which helps create an illusion of a closer connection with the gun.

Environments and Missons

The game also includes various environments and missions which will provide you with an opportunity to choose your favorite one. For example, if you like the snowy scene then you will be playing as a snow plow, which means you have to clear a path through the snow by driving your vehicle. You have to avoid obstacles and shoot at the enemies. In case you want to know more about the background of the game, you can read our Free Roam VR Experience review.

The objective of this game is to save the hostages in a mental hospital. A wrong move from both the players will cost lives and you have to save the patients before the clock runs out. However, if you lose your aim or if you shoot at the wrong target, you will loose your life and that’s why it is better to play the game carefully. Therefore, if you are not sure about how to play the game, we recommend that you read the Free Roam VR Experience review first.

Free Roam Different Episodes

One of the best things about Free Roam VR is that it is available in five different episodes. Each episode is full of exciting adventures where you will travel around the virtual landscapes using your vehicle. The first episode has you driving through the woods in a truck and you will meet a few animals along the way. Then you will discover the secret lab where the experiments are done. In the next episode, you will drive to the city center and there you will have to get through the crowded streets.

Headsets and Controllers

Another good thing about Free Roam VR is the fact that you do not need any kind of headsets or controllers in order to enjoy the game. You can simply use your mouse and keyboard in order to maneuver your character. This is one of the main reasons why Free Roam VR is getting more popular since it is an open-ended game and there are no limits. You will never be trapped in a certain room or level in the game. Since your objective is to save the patients, you will never feel like you have been pushed aside.


If you want to experience Free Roam VR, you should check out the official site now. It is a lot of exciting and you will surely enjoy it. The first episode is free and all the remaining episodes are available for purchase. Before buying the game, you should read the Free Roam VR Experience review first in order to make sure that the game is right for you. There are many people who have a lot of doubts, but with the help of the free trial, you will surely be able to experience a first person VR experience.

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